last year's Moschino "melted chocolate" bag - anyone seen this


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Feb 2, 2006
Hello, last year on Neiman Marcus website, I saw a bag by Moschino which was a light pink which looked like it had melted chocolate topping it. It was very beautiful and pricey. Im really desperate to find this and I thought as now it may be considered old stock this year, it may be somewhere around. Has anyone seen this or know where it can be purchased.

I've been looking at Moschino bags a lot this year, and I haven't come across that particular one. I know that it hasn't been on ebay in the past months (but I'd keep looking, in case it shows up there).

I'd also try a Moschino boutique -- they may be able to point you in other directions or give you more details on that particular style.

Good luck! I hope you find it!
thank you. I live in London and have emailed the Moschino boutique but they havent replied yet. I have a mini mini picture of it, but Im not sure how to attach it. Ill keep trying. Thanks so much. Its so unusual that Im sure that there wont be any fake copies of it

Thanks for attaching the picture! I've definitely not seen that model on ebay. I did see the same style of bag (same shape and in white) on ebay, but decorated with cartoons. I'm sure that the two bags are from the same collection. I've had a lot of good luck contacting boutiques, when I've trying to track down older styles, so I hope that your London store is similarly helpful.
I like the chocolate -- very amusing!
Thanks. Ive searched all over the internet for it but no luck.

Would you have the email address for the USA Moschino, maybe they can point me in the right direction.

Keeping my fingers crossed. I read that it was launched in a bakery due to the chocolate theme on it. Very quaint
Moschino boutique numbers (worldwide). From their website (I thought that the European locations might be helpful to you). I'm in Canada, so I don't have the US contact numbers or experiences that others on the forum do have. I think that Nordstrom's (in the US) stocks Moschino, however. And I know that somebody on this forum mentioned that there are Moschino outlet stores in the US.

Moschino - Singapore

Moschino - Hong Kong

Moschino - Hong Kong

Moschino - London [email protected]

Moschino - Milano [email protected]

Moschino - Moscow

Moschino - Osaka

Moschino - Paris [email protected]

Moschino - Capri [email protected]

Moschino - Shanghai

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Moschino - Taipei

Moschino - Bangkok

Moschino - Bangkok

Moschino - Beijing

Moschino - Berlin [email protected]

Moschino - Hong Kong

Moschino - Kuala Lumpur

Moschino - Taipei

Moschino - Tokyo

Moschino - Roma [email protected]

Moschino Cheap and Chic - Milano [email protected]
strange we talked about this bag in this thread:

and kathyrose posted pictures of what i believe the same bag you are looking for.. (i attached the pics here..they are bigger than the ones u have at least! <<thanks kathyrose :love: )

i saw this bag in person in a local store.. but that was like 1 and a half or two years ago.. the idea was sO:huh::huh: cute..:love: and yummy!)
hope you find it :biggrin:


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That is the bag :love:

What a coincidence. Its just adorable.

Thanks so much and also for the phone numbers. I doubt that Id ever find it though, but the search will continue.
When I was looking for the gingerbread man clutch from F/W 05, I emailed Moschino directly. Not only did they promptly reply, but also had information on which stores were selling it. So I think they keep better good inventory information.