last time at the galleria

  1. the last time i went to the galleria, there was a women standing right outside the lv store with a 6-color white speedy. i can't believe she had the nerve to do that. maybe she thought it was real. i wouldnt be caught dead with a 6 color bag. i dont see how people on ebay buy those all the time for hundreds of dollars. how can they not tell the difference???????????
  2. they have no knowledge of LV or the sure they dont know...unless they are cheap and dont care for the real thing...IMO
  3. what's gross is the people that waltz INTO the boutique and go, "i have this and that and 2 of those and that" pointing to nearly everything in the store, and all the customers and SA's are like... "uhh.... RIGHT.. cuz you're sooooo rich!"...

    this one time, i went in to just visit/chit chat and these 2 stupid girls came in with a MC Papillon, and would talk (loudly enough so we can hear) to their friends bout how their papillon is special order and that's why it's not on display blah blah.. my SA straight up told her that both her and the other girl's purses were fake.. they turned bright red and left ASAP!

    seriously.. who do some of these people think they're fooling. it's one thing to buy and not know and ask the store.. but it's a totally different thing to think theirs is real and lie that theirs is special order... special off the cart!!
  4. I know a girl who has the worst fake. It's hideous- sort of like a Speedy/Theda hybrid. I can't even look at it b/c it makes me ill.So, yesterday she was like, "Oh my God! My strap is ripping!" I looked at it and one of the rolled handles broke off right by the hardware. She said,"What should I do? It was so expensive!" and I was like,"Why don't you take it back to the Louis Vuitton store, they should replace it if it is damaged", knowing full well she would be laughed out of the store. She knows it's fake but acts like it's real!
  5. I've seen a girl with a fake, mini sac HL with large cerises go into the LV section of Holts, it's too bad the SA was on the phone. Honestly, people are just kind of stupid sometimes !
  6. When people have fake bags,and they pretend its real it annoys the crap outa me!.Everyone in my school exept a few girls & I own authentic bags.Its disgusting.Last period I saw a horrible mc black papillion with cherry blossom straps,with that retarded fake paper tag hanging off it...
  7. She left the paper tag on it?! :lol::lol: Does she think that means it's real? That's worse than leaving the tags on your clothes!
  8. haha that reminds me of a lady that came into get her sunglasses adjusted while i was working as an optician. they were fake gucci's...AND she left the plastic sticker that is on the lens on the lens! so the lady wears them with a gucci tag in her line of vision! LOL my co-worker dared me to peel of the sticker when i gave them back to her. hahaha! ;)
  9. ha haha wow... thats just trying a bit too hard in my opinion!.
  10. I had one of those in my old class, she had loads of fake vuitton's and apparently believed that no one would notice, altough it wasn't hard to put two and two together when she came home with MC's with six colors every time she had been on vacation in some country that's notorious for fakes.. She was really stuck-up too, acting so snobbish because she had those bags, even tough she obviously didn't realise that her fakes were so horrible that even I (I didn't get really into LV's until this year) saw they were fakes.
    Oh, and I also see a lot of fake keepalls with orange'ish patinas and feet, but I don't know if they've just started to appear or if it's me that's gotten more observant.
  11. I was in the LV boutique last weekend (trying to figure out what to get my sister for her Bday). This woman had a fake Cabas piano (it's a really bad FAKE; color was off, shape was funky), cut in and with such an authority demanded the SA who was helping me to help her. She pointed at the display area, "That one, that one, that one AND that one!" The SA told her she would be with her in a sec because she was still helping me. The store was packed at this time. This lady was offended and rudely told the SA that she had the $$ to buy all those bags, and she demanded to be helped right away. I felt so bad for the SA and told her that I didn't mind if she helped the lady first.

    I just couldn't believe it. She had the nerve to go into an LV boutique carrying a FAKE n caused such a scene like that.
  12. ^ shoulda told her to her face, "if you have the $$ to buy all the bags you pointed out to, why are you carrying a fake bag?". since it's customer to customer, i woulda done it..

    btw, tw1n8ngel, are you comin to the SoCal Purse Meet? =]
  13. Which galleria are you talking about? Regardless, what an igit.

    Speaking of leaving the tags on..........there is the nicest girl that I work with, her fiance bought her a MC Speedy, she came to work proud as could be and the bag had the plastic giveaway fake tag hanging from the handle. I wanted to tell her so badly to take it off.

  14. Most hilarious thing i ever heard. :lol:
    btw, i love LV boutique at South Coast Plaza. It's huge comparing to the LV in my area.
  15. I am kinda a pushover :sad2:, so I didn't say anything. I felt so bad for the SA though. She was just soooo rude to the SA.

    I'm really going to try to make it to the SoCal Purse Meet. My best friend is having a baby sometimes in May (due date: May 17 supposedly), so I may be flying back to SF. But if things change, I will let you know. Thanks for organizing it Frozen! :love: