Last station Vavin. r15324's Holy Grail reveal!

  1. Wow I am in love with this bag. Aside from my Balenciagas and LV's I am craving for this one. I am really hoping I would be able to buy this soon. Great bag on you. Congratulations.:biggrin:
  2. Hello,

    I love, love this bag and a friend of mine just got it in Paris from this eBay auction, however I never saw it in Brown. What do you think?

    Item Number: 280927364086
    Seller: 29redstone
  3. that bag is beautifullllllllll :loveeyes::loveeyes::loveeyes:
  4. This is drop dead gorgeous and it looks great on you, one of the most classic yul styles, are you really serious about the 2kg weight?? I'd it that heavy??