Last semester of Grad school....or Chanel?

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  1. Hey Girls,

    I don't know how many of you are in the same position I am but there probably are a few of you out there like me.

    In my second last semester of grad school, I bought my first Chanel bag (classic flap) and LOOOVVEEE it! Now I want MORE bags but still have ONE more semester of grad school left.

    I work and have paid for my own graduate schooling, so I need my money for school...but I want BAGS!!! I know I need to save money for school...and it's my Masters degree so it's SUPER important....and I MUST finish!!

    :shrugs: I need support and strength to not buy a bag until school is over......please help !!
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    They'll be plenty of bags waiting for you when you start working (and at a better paid job than you could get if you didn't finish your masters)

    Trust me I've been there - it's so tempting to give up - this could be your one chance.

    NOW no more BAGs AND RETURN TO SCHOOL!!!!!!
  3. go to school,love.
  4. Maybe you're using shopping as a displacement activity?

    Just finished a PhD - I know all about displacement activities
  5. like u said, you already have one!
    and once you finish school, u have A LOT more funds to buy all the chanels you want (after u find a job of course lol)!
    but if u stay out of school to buy chanels, you can buy a very very limited # and will take u forever to save...
  6. I agree with others. Stay in school. The bags will always be there. Focus and let chanel be a reward once you are done with school.

    Then when you are done, you can get the bags that you want faster because you have a most likely higher paying job.
  7. Stay in school!! I know how tempting is it to spend, spend, spend. I have been there done that and regretted it! Finish up and then reward yourself with something nice at the end! Stay in SCHOOL!!!
  8. school, for's the last can have all the Chanel afterward :biggrin:
  9. I say finish school first! Once you get your degree, then you will get a good job and you can buy another Chanel bag. Or can you ask a family member or friend to get you another bag for as a graduation present?
  10. sounds like you got a pretty easy choice there... i don't think any material thing is worth delaying your schooling.
  11. It's your last semester, so hang on and finish your studies then you can buy as many bags as you want! You will feel so good when you finish your studies and then reward yourself with goodies. You can do it! :happydance:
  12. Stay in school. You are almost finished..bags are always here for you to buy at a later date.

    STAY IN SCHOOL AND FINISH.......please :girlsigh:.
  13. You girls are right!!!! I know I want bags cuz I can't stop looking at them :yes: I look at bags and then I think of school and it's like.....bllaaahhhh one more semester....

    I just need a TON of self-control! Just need to pay for tuition, get this semester done, and then GRADUATE!!!

    And I will definitely take all of your advice and treat myself to a new bag after I'm done, YAY!
  14. Finish school first! If you don't, you will need to scrimp and save to buy your chanels in the future. If you do, you may land yourself a great job and have the ability to pay for the chanels that you want in the future.
  15. Getting a bag when you finish can be a good motivator to complete your degree!
    Wishing you the best for your last semester!