last season's bow clutch or this new season's bow clutch? few differences

  1. Can you help me girls??????

    I found Prada clutch at Saks in South Coast Plaza (CA) but it was from previous season.
    this one has 2 zippers at the bottom (fake ones) but no long strap and the color is grey-to-pink (I forgot what the call it sorry :sad: )

    this new season's bow clutch doesn't have 2 zippers at the bottom, but has long strap. (but hard to find)

    should I return bow clutch from previous season and keep looking for new updated one or keep this one?

    I think bottom 2 zippers detail is great, but long strap might be useful too :S

    I couldn't decide pleaseeeeee help me out to decide
  2. I personally love the zip detail at the bottom, i just got a prada bag with this! But, i see what you mean about the long strap, I believe you can buy the strap separately though, so you could always buy last seasons, and then buy the strap on top of that!
  3. They are both from the same season. Those with 2 zippers have no strap and 1 zipper ones have. That is the only difference. As for buyng the strap separately I'm afraid it's impossible since the 2 zippers bags have no metal rings to attach the strap.
    I think that you should try to get the one with the strap since you're not happy with the one you own.
  4. I have the dégradé one (talco, ardesia) without the strap and I like it so much more because of its design. You could probably attach a strap to the openings of the zipper thingies on each side. Go with what you like best!
  5. SA told that the bottom zipper ones are from the previous season

    I love the color wise pink-to-grey very much...just thinking if I can use more with the long strap

    still can't be sure.
  6. any more comments?? really need your heeelpppp
  7. sorry for the confusion...this new season there is no bow just plain leather.