Last Season: Dior Western Boot

  1. Was I the only one who loved these boots???

    Ack - I never got the chance to try them on as when I made it to Dior in Las Vegas they were sold out.

    Specifically - I wanted the knee-high boot (NOT the thigh-high ones like Elux had).

    Did anyone buy them, try them on? I would love to hear from you if you tried them on and can speak to their comfort, fit, etc - I may resort to eBay to see if I can find them used - ;)
  2. hi loganz,

    do you mean these ones? eLUXURY - Dior - Christian Dior Dior Western Boot

    they look like knee high ones to me as far as i can tell from the pictures. i know a similar look pair are selling on the dior online uk website too for 600ish pounds.

    nonetheless good luck in your hunt for them!
  3. uuum, I'm so distracted by you actually being here that I can't read your thread!

    Where have you been? We've missed you so!!!:love:

  4. No - those are TOO western :p

    These were square toed and had a thick wedge heel! I will try to find a pic of them...
    Bluefly - Find Women's Designer Boots at discount prices at - #2066355 - Christian Dior cognac distressed leather thigh high boots

    that is the bluefly link - to the thigh-high ones - I had wanted the knee-high version in black.
  5. oooh! Those are hot! You could totally pull those of Loganz!
    Kind of like a swankier version of Frye Harness's.
  6. Thanks Swanky :shame: - if only I could find the knee high ones I want though...grrr...
  7. [​IMG]

    do you mean these?:love:
  8. AAHH - I love them!!! :yahoo:

    Is that you? How do they fit, how do you like them???

    They are gorgeous. :love:
  9. that is me!:supacool: i walked in CD back in july, saw them in the window (kate moss wore them in dior ads in major american and european mags so they blew out very fast) and just went in to try them for kicks....$1400 get the picture. they are pretty comfortable, the pitch is not too crazy, the only part that hurts is that cushy spot under your your toes after a long day. i tried to put pads there, but boots are soo deep that it is hard to get the right spot and they end up moving around so i go au naturel. i do love them and was lucky to get them. most black sizes were already gone and the brown came later which is also sold out here and in europe. yes, i tried to get brown ones too later on............(read my name.):heart:
  10. Well - you did get lucky - and they are HOT!!!

    Great buy!!

  11. thank you!:smile: good luck with your search!
  12. Awesome boots!! :nuts: :heart: Congrats!
  13. thnak you, chrystalline.:love: