Last reveal for a while....

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  1. Anyone for a live one?!! :biggrin:

    I bought this little beauty on Monday. At 50% off it was impossible to resist and before I knew what had happened i had hit 'confirm purchase'!!

    I should also confirm that i am now totally 'spent up' and i will not be purchasing any further Mulberry items until the sales in June and even then I might only buy a keyring, lol.

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  2. I'm here :smile:
  3. I'm going to have an early night as I have a headache. Can you give me a sneak preview so I will have sweet dreams please?
  4. Nice try Bluecat, I almost fell for it, lol....
  5. ooo what is it?????
  6. :popcorn:
  7. wowser, you have been a busy gal !!! :biggrin:
    cant wait to see
  8. could it be a pouch to match ;) ?? Prob not at 50 percent off tho!!!
  9. I'll start you off .....

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  10. Charlie ???? :biggrin:
  11. hmmm :thinking:
  12. Can you guess yet?

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  13. ^ ooooh was it the little cracked black charlie that went back into stock at MW
  14. CharlieFarlie, you might be better placed to guess than anyone else, lol.....
  15. It was from My wardrobe Chloe, but not the one your thinking of......