Last reveal before a long lie down on the couch

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  1. Hi all!! Received my latest Mulberry today, and last before a long break! Anyone there to make a guess? It isn't current season. And in quite a controversial colour...
  2. I'm here!
  3. I'm here :popcorn:
    Something green ????
  4. Not green. Though I LOVE green!! :biggrin:
  5. pink?
  6. Loopy leopard or Trippy Tiger
  7. Nope and nope :biggrin:
  8. Sparkly

    The suspense :thinking:
  9. ostrich? :nuts:
  10. Oh dear zebra print?
    Or snakeskin.
  11. Zebra?? I've never seen a zebra print (though would love to!). And my pockets aren't quite deep enough for ostrich (not having bought 5 Mulberries in 4 months (!!!). And sparkly is not my thing (though I love it in theory).
  12. ginger darwin? I hope it is - I love it!
  13. I saw a zebra print calf hair bays on ebay.
    I give up. Some more clues would be helpful.:smile:
  14. Ummmm. My favourite style in a colour from last season (or maybe the season before????)
  15. Conker just a wild guess
    Maybe a lily?