Last reveal 2010 - from little rat!

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  1. Really, truly my last Mulberry for 2010 & beyond, for a long time…!

    Last week I went to Mulberry at SCP with open mind; Black Mini Leopard or Gunmetal Sparkle Tweed. I had brought both in front of the mirror (setting off both alarms, lol), mmmmed & errrrrmed.
    Leopard stood out more (and SA assured me it’s finished totally differently from the cracked patent) but Sparkle Tweed had lovely classy deep shine…

    However, on Tweed, how the handle is attached with ‘wire’ did worry me – ie. it may worn the holding leather in the long run?? So, with lovely SA’s help, I have decided on Black Mini Leopard!!!

    Love the shine makes colour changes, sometimes it’s more brown yet it is black… also love the patent panel when you open the flap!

    [​IMG]with flash

    [​IMG] (without)

    [​IMG] (inside)

    Quick modelling pics with bits & pieces.


    I know there are mixed opinion & various quality issues on Alexa ; but I truly love all of mine!!!
  2. Congrats, looks fanstastic on you as ever, so stylish !

    What about Bicester, are you sure :P
  3. Saw it in HN at the weekend and thought it was lovely. Looks fantastic on you congratulations RR
  4. Wow! That's one fab bag Rat, and you look amazing!!
  5. Lakrits, as for the bag I'm sure, don't know about small things....

    Jackie, many thanks, yes it's much better than website!!

    LadyF, thank you, this bag goes well with lots of outfit.... jeans really compliment it I have found.

    I'm just really happy with this one :P Lovely to share the joy here :heart:
    (off to cook supper...)
  6. wow, that is a beautifulbag!
    Congrats, it looks great on you!
    Can I please come and play with your scarves? :biggrin:
    Love your boots aswell!
  7. That bag looks absolutely gorgeous on you Rat, you really wear it well. I agree with Lakrits, What about Bicester!!!!! A key ring, perhaps?!!!!
  8. Gorgeous and congrats!!! :biggrin:
  9. wow that's a real headturner.
    Love the outfits too, fabby scarf!
  10. Classy, ratrat! You look fab with your new gorgeous Alexa - congrats:woohoo:
  11. Love the Alexa, the patent leopard is instant glamour. Love your selectionnod ankle boots too
  12. Congratulations! Alexa looks very elegant on you. I saw the mini leopard IRL the other day and it does look so pretty (much prettier than on the website).
  13. Oo I'm drooling I love this specs soo much
    Congratulations I think you made the right choice. X
  14. Gosh, Ratrat, what a fabulous bag - and you look absolutely stunning!
  15. the bag looks amazing - congrats!!