Last question - which is your favorite neutral with a black outfit?


Which neutrals do you prefer with a black outfit (pick as many as you like)

  1. Black

  2. Etoupe

  3. Gold

  4. Ebene

  5. Rouge H or other rouge

  6. Other

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. The consensus on the charcoal suit question was, in this order: (1) black; (2) etoupe; and (3) gold. On the navy/midnight blue suit question, it was (1) gold; (2) etoupe; and (3) ebene. If you can bear with me one more time, what's your choice with a black suit or dress? Rouge (H, Garrance and Vif) got so many votes on the last two polls, I am putting them in the poll now.

    Unfortunately these polls are making me really wish for an etoupe birkin bag, and they are so hard to find now.
  2. I adore any kind of red or pink against black, as well as gold - I used to have to wear purely black and white at one of my last jobs and I'd always wear gold shoes or some kind of pop-color and a noticeable bag as well.
  3. In fact, all colours will look great when paired with black (basic color) outfit. Never compromise on the leather, size or even colour,if etoupe is your colour then try to get it. Always remember BIRKINS ARE FOREVER
  4. I like graphite or ardoise as neutrals with charcoal, navy and black.
  5. Jedi - you're hilarious. Another poll - another bag you'll need!

    With all black I would like to see rouge H, etoupe and gold in that order :tup:
  6. Rouge H.....

    Pic credit - H_Addict from the "stars" thread.

  7. Rouge H and etoupe good bags would be. Stunning with my light sabre my gold kelly is.
  8. jedi, I'd use the black outfit as the background and then you can pull any bag color together with it by wearing a scarf that has both black and the color of your bag.
  9. Jedi, You're adorable. I love your polls and am also taking the gals advice on these.
    Looks like I may need an etoupe as well!
  10. With Black I love Etoupe and ...Black, and also Greys, blues, violets...

    Rouge and Gold are also great...but the contrast is too obvious with black IMO.

    And when I was a little girl ;), I was told you can't wear navy or dark brown (ébène) with black.
    I don't know it it's true ;), but in France a lot of my friends think the same:p.
  11. I voted gold and Rouge G (the first I have and wear often with black, the second I crave). Having said that, Etoupe would look STUNNING with a black outfit...very chic.
  12. OMG that totally cracked me up!:roflmfao::heart:
  13. I vote rouge! This picture is:tup:!

  14. I know they aren't neutral, but i love the look of something bright and classic with black clothing.

    Potiron and Bleu Jean would both be my choice, but in terms of a true neutral? Maybe the gold. :smile:

    What do I know, though? I'm still lusting after my first Birkin! :p
  15. My winter favorites w/, graphite, ebene...raisin if I had it! Maybe...maybe rouge H...but box only...and I am not sure about box in my life...

    My summer favorites w/ black...BJ, ebene...