Last Purchases before credit cards go into hibernation!

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  1. Had to buy this navy suit - the skirt being taken in at the moment and red coat/dress. Now have to lock credit cards away for a long time!
  2. Nice purchases, any modelin pics?
  3. Oh, love them! Would also love to see some modeling pics!
  4. My gf's mother's friend wore the red jacket suit to the Chanel trunk show and she carried a Kelly. She pinned the rosette brooch at the side, it was so ladylike and dainty she stole everyone's attention! I heard she got her suit first hand in London so she managed to show it off at the show. She really looked very feminine and the color is just stunning!
  5. NV, congrats on your purchases.

    LD, I bet your gf mom was tdf! I love the kelly also.It reminds me of the purses my mom carried when I was a little girl (in a good way). I always thought she looked so pretty.
  6. Those are divine! So classy!
  7. Awwww, so beautiful!! Congrats!! would love to see modelling pics..
  8. beautiful purchases!!! love to see some modeling pics!:heart:
  9. Lovely! Can't wait to see modeling pics!! :flowers:
  10. Beautiful!!!!!!!!!
  11. So classy. Would love to see a modelling Pic, too.

    your taste in clothes is as refined as your taste in purses! Can't wait to see modeling pics!!!
  13. wow, they're lovely!!!! congrats


  14. Love them both. Love to see them on you. Congrats!
  15. oh my! those are both absolutely stunnnning!