Last purchase (of anything!) b4 shopping ban and it's a good one

  1. :biggrin:

    DH, DS and I went to Leesburg today to buy shoes for both of them, and for me to make one last pilgrimage to the Coach outlet before I got on a well-deserved shopping ban for the rest of the summer.

    I wandered around the outlet for a good long time, and hadn't seen anything too compelling that I didn't already have (heh). They had more of the small and large nylon pocket satchels, and way more of the Legacy straw totes in more leather trim colors (gold metallic, white, black and red). There were even some woven straw-type hobos there that I had just seen marked down 25% at Hechts yesterday afternoon, and my intent was to just buy the matching wristlet....

    But then I looked up, and I saw it. The Limited Edition top-handle leather Daphne pocket satchel in white. And it was marked down clearance from $598 (original brown retail tag still on it!) to $409.99 PLUS 20% off that. Squeeeeee!

    Yknow I never owned a white bag in my life until last week when I bought that white leather trim Legacy straw tote at the outlet. And now here I am contemplating the most in-your-face gorgeous white Coach bag that I've ever even touched before. (The Tysons Galleria had this bag in melon back about 3 months ago, during the previous Preferred Customer invitation time period, but it was up *really* high and I was afraid that if I touched it, I'd want it, even though $598 is way too much money for any Coach, IMHO.)

    So I asked the nice SA if they had any others in any other colors and she said no, that was it. They'd only gotten in two, and the other one in camel was long gone. As I walked around the store, carrying it while I tried to decide, more than one SA would come up to me and say "you know that other lady over there was looking at it, but she put it back" and I said well if you put it back, you're not in a position to want it back, are you? I don't know if they said that just to get me to buy it, but frankly, I didn't need any encouragement.

    Reader, I bought it. And it's awesome. And my husband was even there, to look on, and despair of me. But he knows that when I say this is it for the summer, that I mean it and will honor it.

    What a great bag! It was great to go out with an extra special purchase.
  2. Nice bag! Great find sometimes you have to stay in the outlet a long time before finding that gem in the rough.
  3. GORGEOUS!!! So lucky to find one. :smile: I've never seen one in person, is it huge?
  4. It's big, but not huuge. It's no bigger than the Legacy Straw totes, but it holds a lot more stuff because of the design and all the wonderful turnlock pockets. And the calfskin leather makes it so light! It's like all the good of a Marc Jacobs satchel w/o the tiring heaviness.
  5. That is one gorgeous bag-congrats!!!
  6. Love that bag :heart:3 I've seen them in person and I wanted it oh so badly, but poor little me. .
  7. Great purchase! But that SA annoys me....I was in the Leesburg outlet over memorial day...and that had SEVERAL of that bag... not just two!
  8. I love that bag...! I wanted it when I saw it in the spring catalog w/ those pretty heels. But I couldn't spend that much on a bag (yet!)
  9. Congrats!! I'm sure you will love it!
  10. That is so nice! Congrats!
  11. Congratulations. There's nothing better than finding a great bargain on something you really want!!!
  12. Yeah I figured they might be telling me tales to try to get me to buy it, which is silly because if I want it, nothing will stop me and if I don't, nothing will make me buy it. LOL

    I was hoping they had more in other colors, but they swore up and down that it was the last one. It's the last one for me, in any case, because now my shopping ban has started. :cry:
  13. You said your shopping ban is for the summer right? Well, just think, this is your last bag until the new fall stuff premiers and all the stuff you'd be oogling all summer (and prolly still will lol) will be going on sale as soon as summer starts to end ;)
  14. That is a great way to think of it and keep me being good all summer long -- thanks!
  15. hehe np ;) this way, your hubby will thing you're being an :angel: all summer long, when really youre being :devil: making up lists of what to go out and buy as soon as the summer has ended, the sales start, and your ban is off!! :roflmfao: :roflmfao: