Last poll! To keep or not to keep? Please Vote! =)


Prada Gauffre: Love it/Hate it

  1. Love it! Keep it

  2. Hate it! Return it

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Do you love this bag or do you hate it? Think it's a classic or a trendy piece? Please vote and help me make my decision!:yes::heart:

    I made a poll about this bag a while back about the color of the bag, and now I would like to know if you yourself would ultimately keep the bag or not?

  2. If you love it, keep it. I'm fonder of the bigger gauffre's than the east/west, but that is a nice bag you're showing us.
  3. i love it! my vote is to keep!
  4. I love Gauffre, but that shading effect is so awkard. I would return it and save the money fo another Gauffre bag.
  5. I like the east west gauffre.. more than the bigger ones... (i think the gauffre leather is very overwelming (so I prefer it on smaller bags)- (and if big than light colours). But I dont like this brown colour. Nor would I like black. A friend of mine has it in white (Talco) maybe u can change it? Her bag is very classy and she uses it during the day during summer but can also take it to dinners/drinks and sometimes even clubbing;)
  6. I love the E/W Gauffre better than the N/S ones. From this picture I cannot see any shading issues. But, if it bothers you return it and wait for the right one to come along. And it will.
  7. I love prada. but the Gauffre is probably one line I wouldn't buy...Theres something about (to me) it looks wierd...It reminds me of a Sharpei puppy...LOL!
  8. I voted for keep it..great bag and love the e/w size.