LAST POLL I promise- Fuschia vs. Violet


Pick one....

  1. Fuschia Denim Speedy

  2. Violet First

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. I know - how hard is this! Pinks vs. the Purples! Vote! ;)
    pics 012.jpg
  2. I voted for the fuschia denim speedy
  3. Violet First, hands down.
  4. I like the pink one.
  5. Bbag gets my vote. I am not a LV denim fan though.
  6. I love the color Fuschia but not a fan of that bag and I am on the phone with my SA ordering a Violet City as we speak -heeheehee - so I vote Violet even tho the First is too small for me personally
  7. Definitely Violet First. Gorgeous bag!
  8. The Bbag.
  9. No wonder I'm in a dilemma! I JUST noticed this!


  10. In general, I like the color fuschia better. But out of the 2 bags you posted, I like the violet one.
  11. Violet First by a landslide.
  12. Fuchia Fuchia!! Just cuz it's my favorite color LOL
  13. Leather > Denim any day of the week, but here, Balenciaga leather > all other leather!

    (obviously) Violet First gets my vote!
  14. Violet's breathtaking!