Last poll about this! PROMISE! One must be SOLD! Blake or Venetia? Venetia or Blake?


What bag should be sold? The Blake or the Venetia?

  1. Sell the Venetia!

  2. Sell the Blake!

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Hello ladies! Thank you for putting up with my sh*t and my polls! I know I did a poll a while back concerning these two bags but now I really really have to sell one of them, and decided, hey the ladies in the MJ forum wont mind that much right????:flowers:

    Ok, so for the poll, which bag should be sold!? The Pomegranate Venetia with silver hardware or the Brick Red Blake with gold hardware?

    ....and if you are kind enough to spare a minute or two to tell me which bag you like better, I will love you:love: and kiss you:smooch:, and just be very grateful:tender:!

    Or (and I know Im being ridiculous here) if there is a superbly skilled enabler out there who thinks they can convince me that I need the both of the bags and there are justifiable reasons, I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR YOUR THOUGHTS! LOL

    For those of you who might be unfamiliar with the two bags, the Blake is in the front and the Venetia is on the right

  2. I vote for keeping the Red Brick Blake. I crave a Blake. You already have a black Venetia.
  3. IMO the Venetia is prettier/more complementary color tones.
  4. Sell the blake!!Venetia's are great!!
  5. I think they are both too beautiful to sell and I think you would regret it later.

    What would you do with the money anyway? Put it towards another bag?? Would you make enough on the sale to replace with a bag of the same quality? Doubt it. For me its a false ecomony selling things I love, I only end up spending more eventually replacing them.
  6. If I was in your position I would sell the Blake but I secretly hope you sell the Venetia so I can grab it. :graucho::p
  7. I think I'd keep the blake since you have a black venetia, although I prefer silver hardware. Both bags are beautiful.
  8. i love both but you already have a venetia. keep the blake.
  9. Um, How could you choose?

    ~ Both bags are classic
    ~ Red with GH is To DIE for and you don't see that combo very often
    ~ Pomegranate is even more HTF!

    So,in conclusion... KEEP BOTH!
  10. Sell the Venetia... the blake looks lovely! Who can resist brown suede interior??
  11. 2'nd
  12. i would sell the blake. why? because i'm biased. i own the pomegranate venetia and i love it!
  13. sell the blake. I really like the pomegranite color.
  14. I say sell the Blake. I love Pomegranate and I love the Venetia. I'm a little biased, though. I think the Blake is a lovely bag, but too small for me. I prefer the size of the Venetia. It just depends on what size works best for you.
  15. Sell the Venetia since you already have one (though in black). Love the Blake esp in this color!! Good luck on what you decide.