Last one :) Do I keep/say goodbye to my Paddington?!?

  1. I bought a first season tan but can't seem to get used to carrying it. Seems kind of awkward for me, maybe it's the size? Anyway I never take it out much so should I let it go? A girl wants it for $1k which is less than I paid for it, but maybe I should sell now while the trend is hot and get some of my $ back, use it to get other bags? Wish I could find an east/west Paddy as I like that one more...but so hard to find! Would love thoughts girls. Something tells me to hang onto it, but if I don't use it or have the love for it, wouldn't that be wrong???
  2. Can you please post a pic of your bag?
  3. Fleur, I would sell it. If you can, I would try posting it on ebay to see if you can get a better price for it, since the first edition bags are still more desirable (little to no hardware chipping/peeling issues, softer leather).
  4. if you don't love it I would get some money for it and find something you do love. It's a great bag but only if you love it.
  5. if you don't love it anymore, then i agree sell it, but please be sure not to have any regrets once it leaves your hands! :smile:

    good luck with what you decide!
  6. i would keep it. i think it'll be a collector one day. but if you can't afford to keep it, sell it for what's its worth.... be patient....

    it's a beautiful bag!

    (i'd buy it for 1k!)

  7. Fleur I too would buy it from you for $1k ... I have to wait till I get paid first :biggrin:
  8. You are all so great here! thanks for the advice. I tried ebaying it but didn't get what I wanted for it and it's so expensive to list! You are right as my hardware has no chipping/peeling and the nice leather. It's more structured though which maybe why? No clue. Here's a pic of her:


  9. The girl wants me to pay global express shipping overseas and include in the $1k. I just don't think I can do it :sad2: I'd be taking a big hit since I paid $1300 to get the tan color. I would hope to get closer to retail but I can't afford to relist her on ebay. It cost me like $30 last time!

  10. Its beautiful -- I always loved the tan colour... and the whiskey -- It would prob cost you about $25-$30 to ship internationally ..
  11. I would sell it for 1k
  12. but if you not sure about it ( the listing price, shipping etc) then you shouldn't...............But personally I think that style is going to be out soon....that's just what I think
  13. It may eventually come down to the following: is it costing you more to keep it then to sell it at a loss?

    I will let you know if I get to the point - I am currently ebaying my Anthracite paddy - lots of lookers, no bidders - YET - positve thinking :P

    are you willing to sell the bag for $1000; and then add shipping and handling costs dependent on the location of the buyer?

    If so, a $300 loss may be better than having a bag you will never use, or regret buying.