Last one before new Ink WORK !!!!!!!

  1. Just wanted to share this Beautiful Ink Work with you !!!!

    I bought from a lovely Pfer in the US!!!!
    An a friend (and also Pfer) brought it to me here in Paris !!!
    Thank you so much ladies to allow me to own this BEAUTY:drool: !!!

    It's so gorgeous :love: !!!!
    I really love this Ink with Purple overtones...
    I also have an Ink Purse with Blue overtones, and the colour looks almost different!
    I'll post pics in daylight tomorrow of both bags side by side :yes: !!!

    Now I have to be patient and wait with my 9 b-babies
    for Anthracite and Bleu Glacier:graucho: from SS07 !!!!!!
    Front 1.jpg Leather close up.jpg corner 1.jpg
  2. Yowza! :drool: I love, love, love ink, and especially ink work. Yours is stunning! :drool:
  3. What a gorgeous color. I don't have a bbag yet, but I love looking at all the lovely pictures in this forum. Enjoy.
  4. That is so pretty! Congrats on your new work bag! I love ink :love:
  5. congrats!!! it's beautiful :P
  6. Ou:crybaby: ppps, why did I sell mine !

    No seriously I'm so happy for you, I love INK I really want it back but in a diffrent size.
  7. WOW :nuts: . . . GORGEOUS :yahoo: :drool: !! I'm so happy for you fromparis 'P' :love: . . . you absolutely deserve it :yes: - CONGRATS :flowers:
    THANK YOU for sharing !
  8. Thank you Deco, Baby Coulds, WCLC, Sea, Catcat and First"I" :love: !!!
    Deco : I'm really honoured to receive compliments from our INK Queen :queen:!!!!
    Catcat : so finally you've sold your Work :wtf: ??? I really hope you'll find your INK City soon:love: !!!
    First "I":love: :Thank you !!! I only have 2 Work bags so far, and as you know ;) , both have wonderful "friendshiPfer" stories!!!
  9. Congrats! I love ink!
  10. :yahoo: Congrats fromparis!!! Your bag is is a wonderful color, isn't it?
  11. congrads!!! ;) its beautiful~~~ i love the color Ink too~~ :yes:
  12. :yahoo: Congrats P!!!!!!!!!:yahoo: Hope you enjoy it very much!!!!!! You have 2 inks??? I need to see them side by side!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. ^^ congrats to you fromparis :tender:
  14. Yayyyyyy fromparis, congratulations!!! she's gorgeous. :heart:
  15. Very ink! CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!