last of my shipments for a while! :( Hot or not

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  1. Ok another pair I ordered before my ban! Got my last package today. :woohoo:Love these shoes!!! They are Crazy!!! What do you think? HOT or NOT?
    Are they too crazy?

    And if you like them, what the heck can I wear with them?



  2. they're a bit much for my taste, sorry!
  3. i like them! :smile: rock it!
  4. They're cute.

  5. Thanks!!! What should I wear with them? LOL you are a great dresser maybe u can help me with what to wear with these
  6. anyone else? any thoughts on what i can wear them with
  7. I would stick with something really simple. A totally white outfit, or a totally black outfit. These would be great with an LBD.
  8. Not.

    I imagine these are what stage name "Saucy Sassy Cathy" would wear on stage. Sorry.
  9. I think they are OTT as well, sorry
  10. they seem like they would be hard to wear unless you wear skirts all the time.
  11. IA with the LBD. Those are some bold shoes and need to be paired with something minimal. I think they look great on you. Lets see some outfits :biggrin:
  12. I agree with plumaplomb - you can only pair those heels with a dress all in one solid colour (no patterns at all) - black, crimson, or a deep rich purple.
  13. Ok I will take some pics with different dresses
  14. Congratulations!
  15. I really like them!! i personally would wear them with a little black dress, keep it simple because the shoes make the statement. Def def keep them :biggrin: