Last Night's Louis Vuitton SF Party...major H sightings

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  1. Hi Ladies:
    I went to the LV party in SF last night and was greatly suprised to see a few very nice H sightings in the store. I actually ended up meeting a fellow TPFer while we were waiting for the Valet to get our cars (it was very nice meeting you btw). I was standing there waiting for my car and then I noticed a beautifully dressed lady with this gorgeous 40cm birkin. Being the curious me I asked her if that is a size 40cm and then we proceeded to have this conversation about sizes, leathers, etc. She then mentioned that she was just telling her friend about this online forum that she was on...hearing this I immediately mentioned "the purse forum" and the two of us had a good laugh hahaha. I think the Valet's were kinda amused, they were very gracious and didnt get mad at us despite us kinda holding up the Lots of H sightings during the party. I saw a ostrich 30cm, a black 35cm, a brick red 30cm, a brown 40cm, and I was holding my blue jean 30cm. The party was a bore....but at least I got to do some nice people watching and I got to see some nice H goodies hehe.
  2. Oh that sounds like fun! Isn't it a blast to unexpectedly meet tPFers??
    I'm actually surprised that there was so much H at an LV event.
  3. Yeah, you'd think they'd carry their LV's. What did you carry lux?
  4. She said she took her bj 30.

    I'm surprised so much H at a LV party. I would have been tempted to pull out one of my old limited edition LV bags for something like that
  5. What Great H Sightings!!!! Luxlover ~ So Fun To Meet Another tpfer!!!!
  6. I love reading stuff like this! Glad you had a good H meet-up!
  7. That's interesting observation. I'd have thought people would consciously wear their LVs. Anyway, fashion events in SF are usually boring- I don't know why that is, but it just it.

    It's very comforting to know how TPF is widespread and a great venue for bag lovers everywhere. TPF is highly informative, and I wouldn't have been able to make up a decision on my first birkin, if it weren't for the support and knowledge I received here.
  8. That's fantastic, Lux! Meeting a fellow PFer + all the H sightings!:nuts::tup: Thank you for sharing your story with us. I think PF will take over the World eventually!:devil::yahoo:
  9. Nice to meet you too luxlover! I'm the gal w/ the 40 cm from last night's LV party! Thanks so much for all the kind words in your post. I fell off my chair when I read about myself in it!! What a kick! Pls remind me of the leather of your blue jean 30cm? Am off to Paris next week! This is my 1st post btw!
  10. How delightful Luxlvr and VickyB! Thanks for sharing your sightings!
  12. ^I totally agree. Well, at least there was some H eye candy ;)
  13. How fun! Running into a tPFer is such a treat! I'm always tempted to ask a well-heeled lady sporting a fab bag (especially H!) if she's a member...but, I usually chicken out!