Last night's event at the Amsterdam store, terrible catering!

  1. Last night i went to the Amsterdam event. It was quite disappointing compared to the last event. They had very little in store and the catering was so bad. They only served a few very small toasts with chevre or salmon. At the last event they had a sushi table and they served really nice bites like crab ravioli in avacado mouse and duck spring rolls. When we left we got a candy lipstick, a bit strange. I really enjoyed the night with my friend dough, it was just different than i exspected
  2. a candy lipstick?? like those lollypops?
    that is weird, it wasn't a birthday party for a 5 year old right??
    sorry to hear about the catering but glad you did have a good evening!
  3. Thank you for the report! Hm, a candy lipstick?

    Well, did you get something else at other events? Are there always gifts at the end? What kind?
  4. Yeah it was made of marsepain. Last event with got a vachetta luggage tag
  5. ah, i see why they chose a marzipan lipstick now. it definitely tops a luggage tag...not! :confused1: Why didnt they give an LV gift. Maybe they had run out by then?
  6. :nuts: lol. I'm not sure but it seemed like evrybody got the same. We also left quite early, it started at 6:30 and we left at 8:00
  7. It didn't sound too bad, even though you missed the sushi. Sorry to hear that you're disappointed though. =)
  8. LOL a candy lipstick? that is almost ridiculous
    but when u are with friends everthing is fun
  9. LOL! :lol:

    Hmm... candy lipstick...? :oh:
  10. Candy lipstick how odd.

    I have only been to one LV event. It was about a month ago and we got nothing. They walked around with glasses of
    Champaign and water. There was no food at all.

    Did you buy anything while you were there??????????
  11. No. i didn't buy anythinh neither did i the last time. I prefer to shop when it's more quiet. For those who where wondering; this is what the lipstick tooked like before i ate it :roflmfao:
    mmn, 001.jpg mmn, 002.jpg mmn, 003.jpg
  12. I was there too. It was my first time and I think it was ok. But I expected more new things. I got myself a black epi pocket organizer. I'd like to ride a bike on summerdays so it's much easier to have something to put in my drivinglicense and some credit/bankcards instead of a big wallet. My daughter bought her first LV, a damier musette salsa long shoulder trap.
  13. Important thing is that you had a good time with your friend...
  14. I'm sorry you're dissapointed, but at least you got to go at this event... I've never got an invite, you're a lucky girl! (or a really good costumer...:p)

    That lipstick does not look nice or cute at all, what a horrible gift.:roflmfao: Hopefully it tasted good ...
  15. Wow, a candy lipstick?!!