Last nights cocktail event.

  1. Me and my friend went to the cocktail event yesterday wich started at 7 p.m. There were bell boys at the door and very nicely made up ladies doing the catering, the food was really jummy. We got sushi, spring rolls made of peking duck, ravioli made off beef, lobster dim sum and more. There was alot of champagne and also smoothies. It was busy but not crowded, about 70 people but me and my friend were the only ones under 25 and people were looking at us. I have to say that it was fun but not really special or something. When we left we got a goody bag with a luggage tag and a card about personalisation. I didn't buy anything because i like to shop when it's not so busy. When we left i thought lets take a look at cartier and they had a party aswell, it was for orange babies but the food was almost the same and the whole antourage aswell, i wonder if they have the same caterar..

    It was a great night!:heart:
  2. glad you had a fun night see any hot bags??
  3. Good to hear you had fun though!
    I love Goody bags ;)
  4. they had the nimbus and stuff but nothing else of this summer and the neverfull. Other than that nothing special. They had some really nice shoes. I loved the light blue denim bandana and the denim baggy pm the also had an aquarium with real fish and the floating keepall
  5. sounds like fun i wanna go. i have been invited to some but never been able to make it :sad:
  6. I'm jealous, lol! Goody bags are always fun and the food sounds good!
  7. sounds like fun! :smile:
  8. I'm glad you had a good time.
  9. free food rules ;)
    did you see the denim ballerinas? i lurve them...:graucho:
  10. sounded nice! i like goody bags....
  11. Aw, seems like you had a great time!
  12. OH I am going to attend the event on 06-14<---My B-day too!!! But don't think i can buy anything 'at the spot' b/c BF already put on a horse face when i tell him about the party.....:angel: I will just have to work out some secret code w/SA let her know what is a keeper he he ^_<
  13. Sounds like it was worth it just for the goody bag!
  14. sounds like fun! goody bags are always good!

  15. yep they are fab, i really love those