Last night on "Rules of Engagement"

  1. Did anyone see that show, Rules of Engagement on CBS last night? One of the main characters was carrying an olive colored quilted MJ. It was beautiful. I had a gold chain strap and a gold pushlock on top. It looked similar to the Alyona but not exact. If you saw this episode, can you tell me which bag this was?
  2. I thought it kind of looked like this one except I don't think it had any handles.... I noticed it right away too:smile: I'll keep looking.....

  3. Now I'm curious! I didn't see the show but it's nice to hear that more MJs are making it onto the screen.
  4. It was really a pretty bag - shorter than the alyona - and probably as wide as the one I posted but I don't think it had any leather handles, just the chain strap - was definitely quilted with the 2 pleats and a little pushlock.
    I'll have to look again, my husb may have DVRd it.
  5. I think you are right, no handles, just a chain strap. It was a rich olive with shiny gold hardware. It was to die for!
  6. sounds like you guys are describing the silvana hobo. it comes in teal, so that could account for why it looks olive green on the show.

  7. I think this is it! The color appeared sort of light greenish to me onscreen, like a sort of light olive/pistachio maybe? Pretty bag!!
  8. I totally think that is it. Thanks Tadpolenyc. Now I just need to find that bag....