last night I saw the new patchwork

  1. and I was totally not digging it.... :tdown:

    The hobo bag is something like a cross in between a carly and the shoulder tote.... It just didn't look normal to me lol

    has anyone else seen these??
  2. no, i haven't seen the new patchwork line yet... really? its that disappointing? <sigh> is there ever gonna be good news on any of the new stuff that will be coming out? besides just the cute wallets/accessories? LOL :sad:
  3. :s how does the patchwork look like?
  4. I liked the fall patchwork this year and from a few years ago the spring patchwork with the pink and green. If anyone has anything from this line could you please post or direct me to a picture ? Other than that I really am not drawn to the patchwork so much. I think I am at an in-between age. I always see either women older than me or really young carrying it, IDK or I could just be damaged by 80's fashion !
  5. Candace, does the bag slouch at all or is it stiff? Did you try it on? Does it have a decent drop length? uh....what a bummer...
  6. the drop is probably an inch more than the med. carly. It has a decent slouch to it, but it's stiff at the same time. lol
  7. I've never liked the Coach Patchwork anyways, so this new one doesn't impress me at all either.
  8. The closest I've ever come to liking any of the patchwork was this past season's holiday patchwork with that leather patch in the center. I still wouldnt buy patchwork though. Around my area, you see alot of knockoff patchwork and its' turned me off to the line completely.
  9. I like the Shoulder Tote style but I'm not digging the patchwork fabric. Do you think they'll come out with other types of fabric or leather for this Shoulder Tote style?
  10. yep! the one on the left.... they had all the bags in the back, but the swingpacks were already on the floor
  11. Ick... definitely not a fan of the patchwork... never have been... :tdown:
  12. I agree with all of you...this is not doing it for me. :tdown:
    Oh well, I guess my ban is still in least that's good for the bank account.:tup:
  13. That's where I stand, too. It always feels wrong for me, or I find it unattractive. I didn't mind the gold patchwork from 2006 (I think), but I didn't like it enough to buy it, even when it hit outlet.

    But there is a Coach line for everyone! There are a LOT I don't like, and I'm sure that a lot of people don't like the ones I like, too.
  14. See, I like that patchwork. I'm probably not going to buy it only because I don't love it...but it's not as bad this this years holiday patchwork.

    But to each her own, right?? :yes: