Last Night I Dreamt of a Yellow Chanel Bag...

  1. and now, I REALLY want one.

    Is it possible to get a yellow Chanel classic flap bag in lambskin? I think I've seen them around. Have you? Or am I hallucinating?
  2. Haha, I've been having yellow medium flap dreams for a while now... you're not alone! :nuts: ;) We both might get lucky hehe... there is supposed to be a yellow flap released for the spring, and hopefully it will come in both caviar and lamb (I'm actually hoping for caviar w/ silver h/w)! :heart:

    I'm not sure what shade of yellow the flap might be, but I remember a pfer posting that it may be more of a Bal Jaune type color (as in, possibly orangey yellow and not lemony yellow... though I hope it's the latter ;)), but I guess no one will know for sure what the deal is until the flaps are out on the shelves! :smile:
  3. Yeah, I agree. I'd much prefer a lemony yellow, than a mustardy yellow.

    There's lots of yellow accents in fashion this new season. Hence, there's gotta be beautiful yellow handbags produced by Chanel. I too would prefer a yellow Chanel with silver hardware. It's SO fresh looking! If I can't find one in Chanel, I may opt for a yellow Balenciaga first.
  4. ^ Yeah, I definitely agree! :smile: I also love how yellow looks against more conservative colors like grey, navy, etc. and I also love the color paired with prints (I have a few DVF wrap dresses that a yellow flap would look so nice with, for example). :heart: :smile:

    Hmm... if I don't love the yellow flap that comes out (though I'm really hoping I will, because it sounds like a potentially winning combination!), I'll probably be right there with you in search of a Bal First. :p
  5. [​IMG]

    Here is picture from a Yellow flap with Gold Hardware.
  6. for some reason, I dreamed that I got a dusty blue Chanel handbag and just recieved a white one.
  7. Grande Latte, I talked to a Chanel SA today, and she confirmed that they will definitely be getting the yellow in the lambskin for Act I. She couldn't confirm about caviar, although she said that they will definitely be able to tell clients what they will be receiving by the time that trunk shows begin.
  8. there was a pale lemony yellow one a couple of years ago in lamb. I remember that it got very dingy looking quickly though. My NM had one on disply early last year.
  9. Swanky, did they do yellow for the Perfo Ligne?
  10. ^ Not Swanky, but there was a yellow in the perfo ligne... I tried on a flap at Saks a while back. :heart: :smile:
  11. Thanks fieryfashionist! I remember the perfo ligne had pretty vibrant colors. That yellow was pretty yellow in a primary color sort of way. KWIM?
  12. I love that we dream about these bags. I think yellow is beautiful, really hope you find one :biggrin:
  13. When I have insomnia I start to priority bag lists in my head and I'm off to dreamland in no time - LOL!
  14. Hi! :smile: Ohhh, yes, it sure did... the orangey red, yellow, blue, a green which I briefly owned (I exchanged it for a soft caviar off white flap), etc. :smile: Yeah, definitely a primary color type yellow... I hope the caviar flap is a sunnier yellow, but I guess we'll know soon enough! :nuts:

  15. Haha, omg, I do this too!! :roflmfao: Hmmm... some people count sheep, I count Chanel's haha... we're all crazy! :roflmfao: