Last necklace question (promise!)

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Which necklace is prettier?

  1. Butterfly

  2. Bee

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Ahhhhhh both beautiful
    Loevletters has the bee and loved it
    The entire collection stunning i thk it depend on ur taste . more : u want to fly like a butterfly ? Or more : u want to go from flower to flower like a bee ??
    Flirty ?? Or liberty ??? Lololol
    Anyhow these r similar in style
    And whatever u choose its gorgous :smile:
  2. Between the two, I prefer the garden butterfly. I love & prefer the look of the rose gold... & also liked the design more than the other one. But both pieces look pretty... goodluck choosing! Let us know what you end up getting.
  3. I like the bee better. I don't like the roundness of the butterfly as much.
  4. I wonder if the bee sparkles more because it has more round brilliant diamonds than the butterfly which has more rose-cut ones.
  5. I like the design of the bee better, so even though I'm a rose gold nut, I voted for the bee.
  6. I like the Bee a little bit more than the Butterfly.
  7. bee! did the specs on that necklace change? the bee is supposed to have a .24 or close to rose cut diamond. it says the rose cut diamonds are .63 in the description....
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    Both are gorgeous, so it's a really tough choice... Although I think I like the bee a little more
  9. If candice say bee take the bee lolol
  10. :roflmfao: silly Blueloula! :biggrin:

    just my personal preference!
  11. Lololololol :smile::smile:
  12. I like the butterfly, but I'm quite partial to the Rose-cut diamonds
  13. I voted for the bee. The shape is more appealing to me than the circles of the butterfly.