Last Movie You Saw

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  1. So, what is it and what do you think??

    I haven't been in foreverrrr... But I thought this might be a fun thread. Don't give away endings to any movies, just say what you think of it!! :biggrin:
  2. Mine was In Her Shoes, I read the book and I have to say, the movie was much of the RARE cases where that is so :biggrin:
  3. Last movie I saw in the theater was Doom. The bf is into computer games. It was better than I thought it would be, and I got to look at The Rock :love: for an hour and a half.
  4. The Fog. I like the scary ones.
  5. whatever happened to baby jane
    with bette davis
  6. I saw Jarhead this weekend. It was okay, but the book was definitely more interesting.
  7. I need to go see some movies... But I CAN NOT wait to see RENT!! By far my favorite broadway musical- I've seen it about 4 times in NYC!!

  8. I havent seen it , but i seen the previews for the movie i wanna see it

    oh the last movie i seen at the movies was madagascar ;)
  9. SAW II- very bloody:smile: I can't wait until derailed comes out.
  10. Last night I just watched the TV movie Category 7. Was not all that great. I think part 2 comes on next Sunday night.
  11. hehe I saw that one too, but I hated it:sad: However, I really like some of the musical numbers:biggrin: 525,600 minutes!!!!!!:lol:
  12. Saw "Capote" - It was beautifully done - just excellent. I am looking forward to"Derailed" the book was riveting!!!
  13. I really want to see Capote. I just saw a trailer for Derailed earlier today - I hadn't heard of it before. Clive Owen is in it, ooooh :love: :embarasse
  14. i saw edison. booooooooooring. justin timberlake should keep his day job, he's not a very convincing actor.on the other hand, i never thought he would be.
  15. Saw 2~ harry potter will be next.. i'm so excited..there are many many movies that are coming out that you guys should keep in mind....

    da vinci code, rent, memoirs of a geshia, many many more! (:

    btw..IF you havent read the da vinci code..OMG you have to go read it will keep you on your it new or used~ its so worth it.