LAST Mono Mini Josephine PM TST (khaki) in Canada... and she's all mine!

  1. She's finally here! DH went today and picked it up for me at LV. The SA told him that this was the last one in this color in Canada. I am so in love :love: !

    Get your Mono Mini items ladies... before it's too late!
    J1.jpg J2.jpg J4.jpg J5.jpg J6.jpg J3.jpg
  2. Very beautiful bag,, Congrats .
    I heard LV will discontinue this line. I didn't get it due to common yellow stains problem for this line. I am looking forward for mini mono coming out in August.
    Enjoy your new bag, It's beautiful !!!
  3. OMG :nuts: I want this color Josephine sooo bad. Lucky girl, Congrats!
  4. love the mini monogram...:love::heart:
    your new bag is just gorgeous!:nuts:
  5. Beutiful bag!!!!!! i want a red one!
  6. Very, very nice:heart:
  7. why does it get that yellow stain? i've seen a few & i always wondered how all of them (with diff. owners) get the yellow stain.
  8. congratulations it very nice
  9. I have this bag and it's one of the most practical bag I've ever owned! The color is lovely... Congrats!

    Btw... what yellow stain problem? I've owned many mini monogram bags and never had any yellow stain on any of them? :blink:
  10. OOHHH! I'm stalkig this bag in GM! No where to be seen in the UK!
  11. Congrat's, very nice bag.
  12. I :heart: the Josephine! congrats!!!:biggrin:
  13. BEAUTIFUL!!!:love: Enjoy it!!!
  14. Wohow :lol:
    Beautiful bag, I loooooooooove the Mini Mono.
    Enjoy it!
  15. [​IMG], I talked to SA, it's very common for this line. I don't know what cause it. It's the ONLY reason stopping me from buying this line.When I saw at Ebay, every single mini line bags has yellow stains no matter what color it is.When the bag got stained, almost imposible to clean. I think in khaki will not that noticeable if the yellow stains occur let say 4-5 yrs down the road. It's very beautiful line. I guess we will see what LV can offer us in Oct ( I thought in August :hrmm: ) for new mini mono.