Last Minute Swiping

  1. Ahh!! I'm so :cursing:...someone swiped my bag in the last minute on eBay and ended $10 over my flexible maximum!! Whoever it is this person is crazy about bags if they're going around buying up all the second hand bags on least 1-3 designer bags each DAY! You better love it!!!

    Okay, I'm done venting.
  2. Sounds like a reseller got it!
  3. So sorry you lost out Kareberry :sad:, but one thing to always remember with losing on eBay... all you really know about the winning bidder's bid is that at the very least, they were willing to spend more than ten bucks than what you put in as your highest possible bid. What you don't know is how much higher than that they were willing to go! It is quite possible that their highest possible bid was $100, or even $1,000 more than yours. Sometimes that can help take the "sting" out of losing. Better luck next time!
  4. Hi...Sorry you lost your bag:sad:
  5. i;ve been thru thta....just be patient...:tup:
  6. Sorry to hear you lost your bag. What bag was it? If you let us know we can keep you posted and try to help you find another one, tPF is an amazing resource!
  7. That's just what I was thinking - sorry to hear ! :push:
  8. I actually won a bag on eBay 4 seconds before it ended.... It was a Cabas PM in Blue
  9. sounds like a reseller if they are buying that many bags each day
    sorry you lost the auction for the bag you wanted
  10. could it be snipers? they are set to go in few seconds before item end, so you'll never see them until it's too late. Sorry you missed the bag, good luck on ur next bid :flowers:
  11. Sorry you lost it... Hope you'll find another soon :flowers:
  12. there are a lot of buyers who use snipers/swipers(?) check them out at google.... you can probably use this service if you don't have the time to wait at the computer. i've lost to a reseller twice because of this but it takes some practice coz you have to make sure your time is coordinated to the item you are trying to buy. good luck on your next buy!
  13. I'm not sure if it's a reseller because it was bought at $510 so you can't really mark up THAT much on it during resale right?

    It was an azur speedy 25 in practically new mint condition! I've been bidding on these for forever and never seem to be able to win them! I'd rather get these almost new speedies second hand because I just don't think buying this bag at retail is worth it anymore.

    IMO the speedy is the easiest to put together compared to all the other styles LV makes but their price tag is just getting higher and higher to the point that I rather spend a few hundred bucks more on some other style. I keep thinking about this bag too! It's what led me to like LV and I still don't have one yet! lol!
  14. I hear fashionphile does this to people all the time :sad: (snipes at the last second).
  15. I'm soo sorry that's happened. I hate it when that happens. Its so frustrating!!