last-minute splurge: clutch v. first?

  1. Hi all! Even though I'm waitlisted for two bags, the Bal bug is biting. I know I need to check them out in person, but I'd love to hear your opinions as well.

    Tomorrow night my boyfriend is performing at a party (at the planetarium, how exciting!). He does visuals every so often for various events, and I think being on the guest list and getting comped for drinks means that I've probably earned a new bag for what I've "saved." :graucho:

    I was never one for clubs and parties before we started dating, and two years later I still don't have a proper going out bag. I am very tempted to run out tomorrow evening to Bal NY and/or Barney's and pick one out. The sooner I get it, the sooner I start getting my money's worth out of it, right?

    Enough rationalizing! What should I get? I already have a box, city, and step, and they are always stuffed. So I think it's between the flat clutch, envelope clutch, and first, so that I'll be forced to carry only the essentials. I would probably go for black, with SGH if that's an option. I'm quite sure that Barney's has the first two in stock, and I'm sure I can find something at BalNY.

    Flat clutch
    yay: most economical! has a handle!
    boo: least amount of organization, seems like it will hold the least?

    Envelope clutch
    yay: visually my favorite. has sections for some organization.
    boo: about the price of a first, but has no handles and strap. how do i hang on to it while dancing?

    yay: easiest to wear. probably can hold the most. can use during the day as well.
    boo: no GH, so its the most casual looking of the 3.

    Ladies and gentlemen of the Bal lovers forum, what say you? What am I not taking into consideration? Which do you have and love? Am I *gasp* missing an even better alternative?

    thank you!
  2. you could always get a pochette, which is a bigger clutch than the flat clutch or the envelope clutch...
    the con is it doesn't have a handle, so you'll be juggling it and your drink/coat all night...

    i like the pochette because you don't see it as often as the other two...
  3. Thanks kimair! I haven't seen the pochette before, I'll have to investigate.
  4. The envelope clutch is soooo gorgeous, but would probably start to become a pain to hold it all night. So I'd say (and did!) go for the first - lots of options for how you can hold it! Get a fun color!
  5. I love the envelope clutch but if you want more mileage & free hands, the first is probably a better option.
  6. hmm i'd say for clubbing, it's cuter to have either of the clutches...

    personally i'd go with the flat clutch..very very cute and you'll have something to hold.

    but a more versatile bag would be the First. Altho I'd suggest getting it in a fun color rather than black. my black first just never seemed appropriate for clubbing, kinda drab for that.

    another option is the shoulder? fits more snuggly while carrying only the essentials with you =)
  7. I'd also go for the Flat Clutch. With the SGH it's appropriate for the club scene and even for a nice dinner out. It does hold a lot, it's quite huge actually 8"x11", only a little smaller than the envelope clutch, it just looks small when a picture is taken of it with nothing nearby for size comparison.
  8. :yes: The shoulder would be a good option: there's the strap, so you can carry it on your shoulder while dancing.
    It's just a bit small, enough for the essential things you can carry.
  9. Go for the first, the most cool looking bag!!!
  10. I personally like the envelope, I think it looks so chic and like you said there are lots of compartments. Agree that the lack of a strap or handle makes it a pain to hang on to, but I like that you can wear it for a night out but you can also use it like a big wallet and put it inside a bigger bag.
  11. I vote for the envelope clutch. It's pretty AND you have all those compartments. I suppose it would be a pain to hold on to while dancing, but how does one dance with any kind of bag on anyway? I have the clutch in ivory and I think it adds just the right amount of bling:smile:
  12. I've seen a lot of celebrities with oversized envelope clutches lately, and I was incredibly tempted by a envelope purple clutch with giant silver hardware a while ago. *_*

    My vote is for an envelope clutch.
  13. Or an oval? There's a picture of Vanessa Carlton with one in the celeb section. You should find it if you do a search for her name. I would attach it but I can't for the life of me figure out how to do it. It's a quirkier choice but it does hold as much as the first does, or so I've been told. :smile:
  14. I'm not big on bling, so out of all the GH bags I'd suggest the flat clutch which seems easy to hold and is cute.
    Otherwise, my fave going out bag is the Oval. If you can't find one, go with the First in a nice color like red, it will def be worth it.
    Hope this helps and doesn't confuse you more... GL!
  15. I can understand why this is such a tough choice. I had a Giant Envelope Clutch which I adored. I absolutely loved the look and all the compartments, but was afraid to use it because I just didn't know how I would hold on to it all night. So I sold it. The first is a more practical choice for evenings out because of the strap, but I know what you mean about the GH. I just got my first bag with GH, and I love the look and I think it dresses things up a bit. You could try the flat GH clutch. The one with the wrist strap. As you said it doesn't have the compartments, but you will still have the bling with the GH and someway to hold on to it. And I think the size is the same or very close to the Giant Envelope Clutch. I know I wasn't much help. Sorry and good luck in your decision.