Last minute request: yr all advise needed!


Jan 31, 2007
Hi all lovely TPFers,

So I will be able to get me a pair of white tweed pump with black cap toe for 50% off...But I am a bit in doubt: I always wear dark/black pantys with high heels, but since it is white pump, do you all think that can be worn together? I barely wear nude colored pantys (I have fatty legs :shame:smile:...And I have to decide asap, since they dont hold it too long as its sale....What do you think? Should I buy it anyway and try to pull it off or would it be a big no-no.....??? Pls help, all comments much appreciated :help: Have tried to find a picture, but only found these ones which is most similar, only the ones in the pictures are lambskin and the ones in sale is in tweed......TIA!!!!