last minute purchase before increase

  1. :smile:I ran to the mall last night and stopped at the lv store looked at the new viollet vernis and asked about the damier neverfull again may is what they are saying now. the had the new prices in all of the bags already. I picked up the muticles rabit or long key holder. its the only one that fits car key and keyless remote. small purchase but a happy monday overall.
  2. Enjoy,
  3. Congrats! So sad about the increase...oh well, guess it's inevitable.
  4. Congratz! I had to make a small purchase too b4 the dreaded[sp?] price increase!
  5. Veelyn what did you get?
  6. Thanks everyone
  7. OMG Congrats!!! I love that keyholder. I am actually headed over to the boutique in a few. Wish me luck.
  8. congrats!
  9. i love the rabat! its one of my favorites!
  10. Congrats!!