Last minute panic re size in sellier Kelly, 28 or 32????

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  1. I thought I had this worked out! I always thought I needed a 28 to complete my day to night collection but I just started to have 2nd thoughts on size for this Kelly. Is 32 more versatile? But will it be too big for evenings? I don't plan to use it for formal dinning but only for certain less formal evening functions. I am 5'4 and U.S. size 2-4. Please help, my dear friends! TIA!
  2. I think it depends on how much you need to carry. In my experience, a 32cm carries a good bit more than a 28cm. I do l like 28s for evening, but I tend to carry less in the evening. However, I think what you're saying is that you want a bag to carry during the day that can easily transition into evening. Right? For me, that would have to be a 32cm.
  3. Yes, Cavalier Girl! Thank you for your thoughts! I need to make the choice in the next few days and I won't have chance to see the sample in store again. Maybe I should try to do that?
  4. do you have a 32 sellier already? if you do i would pick 28. otherwise 32 does hold a bit more, if you have a few more items to carry..
  5. chincac my dear, I don't have a Kelly and this will be my first and probably only Kelly for a long time. I am not too keen on the closure on a Kelly but I like the look of the bag. I think my H collection would not be complete without a K but I probably would not getting more after this.
  6. Personally, I prefer 32cm. If you have an opportunity to compare side by side I would suggest doing so. I find once I put my wallet, phone, small hair brush, etc... inside, a 32cm is fairly full without being packed. It is a good size when you need to use only one purse from day to evening. Good luck with your decision!
  7. i see..then i would suggest a 32 for you for day to night :smile: holds a bit more than the 28 if you need the space.

    don't mean to confuse the issue even further but would you consider retourne rather than sellier? i find epsom in retourne is very similar to a sellier construction because of the rigidity of the leather, it doesn't slouch. the sellier corners do bump into things and the retourne gives a bit more if you need to fit something extra into the kelly.

    but the sellier is the classic kelly look though i have to looks amazing but i find other H bags much more practical to use :smile: good luck with the decision..definitely a nice problem to have :biggrin::biggrin:
  8. Thank you Luckydogmom for sharing your thoughts! I think I am going to go and try the 28 sample again in the next few days.
  9. I've read the 28 sellier holds less than the retourne. Since mine is a 28 retourne, I can't confirm. For years I carried a Chanel m/l flap and the 28 retourne holds everything that the flap held with room left over because the kelly is taller. That said I can get a KL wallet in but if I don't get the angle of entry just so, it's a fiddle with kind of thing. In the future I'll switch to a shorter, smaller wallet.

    Due to several spinal surgeries weight is a factor so I'm reluctant to go up to a 32 so my 28 serves me just fine as a day purse. That closure thing you speak of is the only minus to the kelly that I found. Once it is open during a day of shopping it doesn't get closed all the way again til I'm through shopping. The stiffer the leather the more difficult they are to close. (I have a togo 28 and a box 28 and I struggle more with the box due to the rigidity of the leather.)
  10. You haven't confused me, dear! Don't worry. I specifically want a sellier because I like this particular look and construction of the bag. I know it limits how the bag opens and how much it holds but I have been made fully aware of those.
  11. Thank you jmen! Yes I have also heard sellier holds less than retoure. I tried to buy a croc 28 sellier K earlier this year but for some reasons I didn't complete the purchase. But I took a good look of it and tried it many times. I think it will hold the stuff I carry if I switch to a compact wallet.
  12. I love a sellier in a 28 and a retourner in a 32.
    To me a sellier in a 32 looks large...more for day..
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  13. Totally agree with this.
    28 sellier or 32 retourne.
    I thought London shop only has 32 sellier as a sample?
    When I tried to order a Kelly I couldn't compare sellier and retourne side by side as they only had sellier 32 as a sample.
    I have 28 sellier croc and a few 32 box selliers and I much prefer size 28.
    I am 170cm but 32 sellier looks quite big on me. Also I don't carry much so 28 suits me perfectly.

    Good luck with your decision and let us know what you have decided.
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  14. For your need from day to evening, I would really recommend the 32 for Sellier Kelly.
    I'm of your height and slim built, 32 Sellier still works for my frame. And in time, I think you would appreciate that extra space during the day because of the bags rigidness.
    Personally, I have to really think which items I can leave out because they just won't fit in a 28. Size 32 gives you more freedom so to speak.
    Attaching comparison between my K 28 vs 32 in Sellier for you to see. The difference in terms of how they look is really not that significant.
    Good luck on your decision! :smile:
    Kelly 28 vs 32.JPG
  15. How about a sellier in tosca 28 and retourne BE 32? :graucho::graucho::graucho: