Last Minute Lill !!!!

  1. I don't like to be late for anything: work ,appointments, dinner dates. I have clocks everywhere, the kitchen, bathrooms, hallways etc........

    Are you time sensitive ? Are you always running late ? Do you like to be on time ?
  2. I'm almost always on time. I'm very aware of how long I'll take and timing it properly, also I hate waiting on people, so I make sure I don't do it myself.
  3. Everyone in my family is insanely punctual. There are more than thirty of us at Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Generally, each gathering begins at 2 p.m., and the first guest arrives no earlier than 1:59 and the last guest arrives no later than 2:05. This happens year after year. And everyone leaves the event between 5:45 and 6 p.m.

    We're fortunate that everyone gets along very well and there's never any drama. Just a lot of good food and a few bottles of fine wine.

    The only time anyone in our family was late was when my cousin's daughter (the black sheep of the family) got a flat on the way to my father's funeral. But she was still there in time to do the 2nd reading.
  4. I am not always running late but my bf likes to be very prompt to parties , dinners etc and I like to be fashionably late. Most of our friends are usually very late so we end up waititng for them. However to school or to appointments I am very punctual.
  5. I hate being late. If I'm late for anything I feel as though my whole day is ruined and that I'm trying to catch up. That's why I'm always on time.
  6. Coconut, my family is the total opposite. We are notorious for being at least an hour late for parties. On those occasions that we have to be on time (i.e. at a lunch held at a restaurant), we have to tell everyone that it starts at 12pm when it's really for 1pm. ;)
    As for myself, I'm usually on time for appointments and such.
  7. hmm, I'm afraid I would drive all of you nice and punctual people crazy because I'm almost always either late or just barely on time. It's not that I LIKE to be late, in fact it's usually embarrassing/uncomfortable. But somehow I always underestimate the amount of time it will take me to get ready or get where I'm going.

    I'm sure a therapist would find some deeper psychological meaning behind the consistent lateness:wacko: I think I just get distracted too. I should try to do better!!
  8. I hate being late, and I also hate it when people aren't punctual. Strangely enough though, I never wear a watch.. I just know ! :biggrin:
  9. Ditto! I have every intention of being on time, but I underestimate the amount of time it'll take! In college they referred to it as "Alison time" because they knew that 4:45 meant to meet at 5:00...I found this out one day when I was actually on time and had to wait for all of them! To things like work, interviews, appointments, I am usually very good about being on time though. In my car I set the clock ahead...but then I sit there subtracting going well, I still have 5 more minutes! So it is really just futile.
  10. Im always LATE! no matter what something always comes up, I will be leaving my house and suddenly remember I forgot something and have to go back. I dont plan the time very well.:shame:
  11. I am a bit OCD so all my clocks n watches are at least 10-15 minutes advanced.. also, being Asian, I try my hardest not to be late.. especially since there's a stereotype about Asians being always late...
  12. I trained to be very disciplined - so I'm always very in time ! If it isn'st for one reason I feel very bag the whole day :shame:
  13. Unfortunately, however hard I try, I am always late. :sad:

    Some people, who are always on time, seem to think that people like me are doing it on purpose and that we don't have respect for others. I've even heard people say, that people who arrive late, are trying to draw attention to themselves!!! :huh:

    I can guarantee, that in my case, at least, it is a genuine, genetically inherited affliction (apparently, my father would, consistently, be hours, or even days late) and if I am only 10 to 15 minutes late, I consider myself to be doing well! :biggrin:
  14. I positively hate being late for work, appts, dinner dates, etc., but especially work ruins my day. When I was a hairstylist/makeup artist, I was always on time or clients on the other hand were sometimes really late, so it would throw my schedule off . I hated that :mad: , my whole day would be off schedule and it usually meant no lunch for me!
  15. I have always been on time, in fact some of my friends think I'm obsessively punctual - and I have also hated it, and found it rude, when others were late. But things change when you get a family and have small kids to bring along - they have a scedule of their own - and I have grown into acceping a slightly less strict view on punctuality. But if I'm on my own and have a meeting to attend, I will be there on time, sharp.