Last minute - I need a crossbody, should I get the Epi BB Alma?

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  1. I'm so confused, I'm feeling like I may make an impulse by online because of this darn price increase, but I really need a small cross body due to being a mom.

    I narrowed it down to -
    The Favorite PM in Damier Ebene or the Epi BB Alma in Quetesch.
    I like the Vernis BB Alma, but having my kids finger prints on it and me having to wipe it so much is going to bother me.

    Anyone with the Epi BB? Does it feel like a "kids bag" as some people have said?
  2. How about an Eva? You can use it cross body and for special evenings. Alma BB looks too small (to me) to be worn cross body and I am tiny. It looks great as a hand held though.
  3. Too common I want to be different
  4. Of your choices, I'd pick the Favorite. I'm 5'7 and I thought the Alma BB did look like a little girl's purse on me.

    Have you looked at the Pochette Metis? :supacool: I just bought one and I love it.
  5. Hi OP, you can wear the alma bb crossbody if you are shorter (like me)! I'm still getting use to how it sits a little higher on my hips as I like the longer strap on my Eva. I also tried on the favorite and the strap is actually a bit shorter than the alma bb. I'm almost 5'3 for reference.

    As for size, the alma bb holds way more than my eva.

    Hope this helps!

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  6. How about the monceau bb in epi? Anyone have that?
  7. I would choose the favorite. I have the mm and love mine.
  8. I love the look of the Favorite, so classy.
  9. I think epi alma bob or favorite mm will be a great choices, I have favorite mm, it can fit all my essentials plus my mini iPad, I love it.
  10. That bag looks great on you!!!!!

  11. What about the hoxton?