Last Minute Decision............

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  1. Red 10C it a YAY or a NAY...........
  2. For me.....:tdown: simply because they are too boxy for me, and I would say the same for you :tdown: since I rarely know you to carry anything other than a classic flap!
  3. Hi C!! Nay...We pretty much have the same taste in bags..The GST is a great tote, but I just can't get used to the shape...My SA even said that the GST is not a "me" bag. :P I just prefer my totes to be slouchy and hobo like..
  4. same as cyndee, I find GST too boxy and it gets heavy when used. I do have several GST and nowadays, it's just stored. It still depends on your everyday needs though.
  5. In my opinion, the GST is too big to be red. I love the GST, but I prefer it in neutrals, Black and Navy. I think red is too bright for a tote of that size.
  6. I'm not a fan of GST, so I'd pass.
  7. Thanks Guys...........I do use GSTs all the time., have 3 of them, but this is the answer I needed to hear............Hi Cyndee., waving.........hugs!

  8. nay
  9. I agree with Cyndee. I tried on the GST a few days ago, and it was boxy for me also. And heavy. Loved the compartments, but it just didn't sit well on my shoulders. The straps kept falling off. And the box shape means that it is wide at the top too, not just the bottom. So it wasn't so comfortable to carry when I had it against me and on my shoulder.
  10. nay.
  11. Hi C! :smile: It's a nay from me... not feelin' the GST style in that color (although I love my '10C Jumbo)! :P
  12. C, I always thought you're a flap lover, didn't know that you own 3 GST's!

    Anyway, I agree with the others since I'm not a fan of the GST myself. I think a red Jumbo would be a better choice!
  13. Nat is right, a red Jumbo sound nice!
  14. yup, red jumbo better choice!
  15. Thanks Ladies, I am gong to pass...........