Last minute dash...

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  1. Hi Ladies, I am looking to beat tomorrow's price increase and need a quick decision today whether to get the Speedy Emp 25 in infini or the Pochette métis. The difference about £600. Is the Emp worth the money, or will I get bored of the métis?

    I have the speedy b25 in de but wear her to death and the Alma bb vernis for dressy occasions.

    Thanks for any advice x
  2. Get Empreinte but in some other color than Infini.
  3. Speedy and if you can find an infini still available, I'd get it :smile:
  4. Get the speedy empriente..
  5. defenitly speedy empreinte! 👍
  6. Would getting the Emp make my DE redundant though? I also have nothing in mono and find the métis the one in Mono for me.
    Do you know if the speedy holds up well in the leather?