Last male of purebred rabbit species dies

  1. aww thats so sad....makes me never wana buy a fur again!!
  2. sad!! that's right in my neck of the woods and i had no idea...
  3. Ok that is sad and that bunny is so tiny and cute-- I want one!!!
  4. That is really sad. I wonder, in all seriousness, if cloning could be used in a helpful way at some point in this situation? That little bunny was just so tiny and sweet...
  5. Poor little guy. They are very cute!
  6. SO cute! I love bunnies, probably because they're similar in size to my dogs.
  7. The article didn't mention how he died. That's so sad. Just when it's mating season, too.
  8. :cry::cry::cry:

    so cute and tiny. i didn't even know about them until now. that's sad.
  9. That's so sad.... I wonder when we as a civilization will start caring about the environment and all the creatures that depend on it..
  10. I read that earlier this morning and it made me really sad :sad:
  11. that is so sad. i absolutely love bunnies.
    i saw a baby jack rabbit at my school today...he was sooo tiny and i was worried that he might get hit by a car b/c he was awfully close to the road. hopefully his mom came back and lectured him not to play so close to cars!
  12. Yes, that's what I was thinking too.
    It's very very sad. :sad:

    And I agree with what the executive director of the Idaho-based Western Watersheds Project said in that article: "Any time we lose a species it diminishes us all."
  13. *sigh* what a tragedy.
  14. Aww, poor baby. :sad: I used to have pet rabbits as a kid - dwarves, not pygmy - and I can't fathom losing a whole species of them like this. I really hope the crossbreeding program proves successful.