Last LV purchase for a long time

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  1. So, I just made my last LV purchase for a while, since I'm eight months pregnant and will have a baby comings soon. I just placed an order on the LV site for a DA pochette nm. I don't have anything in DA and wanted something small. Weird thing is I checked the site a couple of days ago and it said it was sold out, then when I checked today I saw it in stock and placed the order. However, after I placed my order it was sold out again, but my order was confirmed. I'm wondering if it placed my order by some glitch in the system or if I actually got the last one in stock. Has this ever happened to anyone?
  2. The Mono Speedy B 25 was doing that last night. It showed in stock and when I put in in my basket it said sold out but then I when to check out it it wasn't in my basket..
    Congrats on the DA Pochette. Great little piece for summer.
  3. Congrats on the DA pochette :smile:
  4. Thanks. I actually wanted the favorite in DA but that is supposed to come out next month, maybe I'll exchange the pochette for the favorite next month and pay the difference but who knows,
  5. This happened recently to me with the DE adjustable strap that I ordered. It was out of stock the first day but the very next day it was available. After I ordered, it said out of stock. It shipped a day later. Congrats on your pochette!
  6. This just happened to me too with my order. I really hope I get some form of confirmation that my item will be sent... Worried :sad:
  7. Congrats on the purchase and the bump!
  8. Thanks. :smile:

  9. This makes me feel better. :smile:
  10. My order was shipped out yesterday and the site says it's back in stock. So yay I should be receiving it by Thursday.
  11. That's exactly how it was with the strap. I'm glad that your order was fulfilled. :smile:
  12. Considering there are probably thousands of people on the LV website at anyone time, it is not that surprising that things go in and out of stock on the site. People put things in their baskets, get to check out and bawk then cancel. If you take too long, the system can retrieve something from you basket and put it in someone else's if they are at check out and you are not…

    Anyway, congrats on your purchase, looking forward to a reveal.
  13. Congratulations!
  14. Congrats!!
  15. Congrats on your upcoming bundle of joy! I purchased my Petit Noe as my "last hooray" before I had my son. I took about 6 years off LV but hit the ground with smoke coming off the tires in 2013!

    Best wishes!