last little things before price increase!!

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  1. so im on elux looking at the last lil things i NEED (lol) b4 the price it for sure monday? :sad: and how do we feel about the mini sac HL? i think i need it lol. sometimes i get tired of lugging around big bags, surely its enough to hold the cell, keys, credit cards and lip gloss? i just think i should get it for 335 before it goes up like 25 bucks, then its just a RIP-OFF lol.;) thanks!
  2. It is ok a littel small for me, But if you are going to use it go for it.
  3. Just came back from NM LV, yeah it's Monday, 5% according to the SA.
  4. I have the mini sac HL and it's quite roomy surprisingly to carry for a fast trip to the grocery or a cute bag for the evening. It can fit a small wallet (not those normal medium size wallet), cell, keys, pack of gum, and some makeup.

    I got it before the Feb 06 price increase and I think it's only a $5 increase but not too sure. My aunt has one and she got it yrs ago for less than $200!! Oh the good o' days...
  5. I think its really cute. What about a pochette though, would you fit more in that? If you don't already have one, I mean.
  6. thank you for letting us know about the increase. i'm off to go buy a m wappity sp?
  7. I Love The Mini HL.....It's One Of The Cutest Pieces!!! :smile:
  8. I think the mini sac HL is cute on only petite girls like under 5'4 and not over 115 lbs.. I saw a rather fat lady carrying it once and it just looked so ridiculous.
  9. It's cute, if you were to get one, definitely get the cross body strap as well !
  10. I've been pressured to get a few little things myself. Just got the wapity and now I'm contemplating a frambiose cles. It doesn't help that there's free shipping on elux!!
  11. I bought the Mini Sac HL back in October, never used it, and ended up selling it last month actually. The reason I sold it was because I thought it looked too small for ME, which is kinda' crazy because I am petite. I'm 4'10" and 105 lbs... so yeah :cry:. It will fit what you listed above, but just make sure you try it on to see if you like how it looks on you.
  12. :amazed: Shipping is free? I thought it was just free to upgrade??
  13. oh you are right!! I just glanced and assumed it was free shipping!!
  14. I think the mini HL is adorable, in monogram AND multicolore. I don't own one (yet), but I've heard it fits more than a pochette because of its shape.
  15. So is the price increase going to be on eluxury on Monday too!? I need to get the Speedy before the price increase! And technically its Monday here (2:12 AM)!
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