Last lavender thread I promise...

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  1. Because I got it, the lavendar blenheim, at last :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

    I have been wanting one of these for ages now, and have finally got it today! I am so glad that I waited and got it from York, instead of going through ebay (which I admit I was tempted to, but Im a wuss :shame:smile:

    I :heart::heart::heart: it!!

    The only thing was that when it arrived it didnt come in a dustbag. I really would like one to store it in, plus I was a bit puzzled because my araline (from York) came in a dustbag. I gave them a call this afternoon and they said that they receive a 'batch' of dustbags every so often, and when they are gone, they are gone (ie they dont automatically have one for each bag). They took my name and address and will send me one as soon as they get another batch in though, which I was pretty chuffed with. Their customer service is great isnt it?:tup:
  2. Ooh I'm just bidding on one now on ebay as I didn't find one at the outlet I visited recently. I'm not sure how much to bid up to though, was yours under £200 if you don't mind me asking? I think I saw someone on here say theirs was £197...
  3. Hope that you are going to post some pictures for us all :yes:
  4. Oooo gorgeous, congrats, can't wait to see modelling pics. I was almost tempted today by a lavender blenheim, in fact I was almost tempted by alot today.
  5. eek I won! Another bag I'll have to hide away for a little while!
  6. COngrats Hula and Jennifer!!! Will you post pics????
  7. OOOOOh congratulations, I was watching that very bag, it looks absolutely gorgeous. They're quite hard to find in the outlets now, that's a good price and the shade looks yummy.
  8. Yep will try and do pics later. The one on ebay went for more than I paid for mine (£197), so Im glad that I got it from York!
  9. Yay!! Congratulations!!!:yahoo::tup::woohoo::yahoo:
  10. Hulahoop were u watching the one I won? I got it for £208 plus postage in the end, I had to have it cos I've not found any in the outlets!
  11. I was watching it yes Jennifer, but I wouldnt have put in a bid, Im too much of a wuss! I hope you like it, its a great bag.
  12. Here are some pics, I think it is actually a fraction darker IRL.

    Ive just sprayed it (in the sunshine:yahoo:) this afternoon so now Im all ready to go :tup: Cant wait for the summer!

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  13. It's gorgeous hulahoop, many congrats.
  14. That's gorgeous, hulahoop :heart: I'm starting to like the Blenheim more and more - looks beautiful in that colour :yes:

    If I can be cheeky and request a picture next to your Rosemary, for scale......
  15. Course you can dita, I will get onto it :tup: