Last Instant Reveal for 2011: And, it's... twins...?

Oct 29, 2008
Hello! Went to my favorite place yesterday and here's the haul...;) I just went in for a look, I swear!!!:biggrin:

Can you guess what I got?? :graucho:

Hint... Not one, but two!!!:P

Yes, it's TWINS!!!!:cloud9:
(Both NFs are GMs)

I went in thinking I would get THIS one if I liked it...;)

But, THIS one had arrived, too! :love:

My SA and her manager were so surprised that the Mon Mono had arrived, as I just ordered it on November 20th. That did not even take 3 weeks!!!!Talk about FAST!!!:wlae:

Okay, I think that 2011 is ending on a great LV high for me!;)

I kept holding out getting NFs because they are SO abundant here in Tokyo, but alas I've finally given in... 3 purchased in the last 2 months of the year!:faint:


LoVe my Life
Mar 31, 2009
Germany, Munich
:woohoo::woohoo::woohoo: OMG!!! beautiful!! Big congrats on your new beauties, esp on your mon mono NF!! You're so lukcy!! I love the combo you chose! Enjoy your new babies :lol: