Last GSTs Beige in Stock due to Discontinuation of GST

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  1. I called all Canada stores who carry Chanel and not one of them has black anymore. They only have Beige GST and they told me that GST was already discontinued so there's no Black GST arriving anymore. What are your thoughts about the Beige GST? Do I need to buy from the last pieces on stock? This is my only chance to get the GST. What hardware should I get? My heart actually wants black but there's none anymore sadly :'( is it worth buying? Pls. Share your thoughts. Thanks.
  2. Dont buy a bag cos its the last one. You have massive doubts written all over. You would not be satisfied with the beige because the black is what you truly want. I have seen GST popping up here and there due to returns. So dont give up and dont settle. Good luck!
  3. Thanks for this. 😔 I just really want a GST but a little hopeless for now since I keep calling Canada stores for like a month now.
  4. I know its hard to wait. I bought a lambskin bag a year ago...when deep down i wanted a caviar. I bought it cos it wad also the last one and everyone wanted it. 1year + later, i still havent used it. So dont settle. I plan on using it this summer though.
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    I have a vintage camera tassel bag with gold hardware that I still use until now. The gold hardware is still great. My uncle gave it to me when I was still a teenager. Back then I really fell in love with the workmanship of Chanel. So I want to buy one for myself now.

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  6. I agree with KabiOsi, you really don't want beige. The black with ghw and shw are often on Fashionphile. Some are brand new, some are slightly used and some have a lot of wear. They are pretty good about listing the use. I sold two brand new gst's and they listed the zipper pulls as pilling. I was like what?! Not possible cuz brand new with stickers on hardware but they are trying to list each defect possible I guess lol!! I am waiting for a quote from them for a brand new never used, stickers still on black with ghw cuz it just doesn't fit me. I would keep looking on that website as they receive the most than any other online trustworthy consignment shop and snap the one up you truly want so you don't have regret!They are out there!!
  7. Do you have the link? Do they ship to canada? Did you already sold your gst? Whats the color and hardware?
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    Yes and just type Fashionphile in Google and it comes up. They have different hardware a that pop up with different GST's. You would have to check what is left as of now because they come and go quickly.
  9. I agree with the posters above. Don't settle bc it's the last one. I bought a bag for the same reason, it wasn't the last one but one of the last fews, and I haven't used it yet. Also, you should check out auction/ad sites such as eBay, kijiji as well, I have seen gst popping up there every now and then (I have sold some older iPhones on Kijiji and I really like the cash/phone exchange in person aspect, I don't know I just feel "safer"?)
  10. There was a black GST posted in the AF Thread just yesterday, did you see it?

  11. Thanks.. I will too :smile:

  12. Thanks so much! I will check..
  13. I didn't saw it. I will check.
  14. Too bad it's sold already.. Is it a trusted site? Im afraid that it would be a knock off. Haven't tried buying a pre-loved item yet. I used to buy brand new items only but if pre-loved is the only way for the gst black then I'll try.

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