Last ever bag??? which one would you pick??


Which should be my final choice???

  1. 30cm Bleu Brighton Lindy

  2. 32cm Bleu Brighton Kelly

  3. 28cm Bleu Brighton Kelly

  4. 32cm Blue Jean Kelly

  5. 28cm Blue Jean Kelly

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  1. Hi Everyone
    I am saving for my last H bag, maybe for a year or two, or maybe forever :crybaby: , which would you choose if you were me??

    I already have
    37cm Gold with SHW clemence Bolide
    31cm Vert chartreuse with GHW Bolide
    20cm Black box with GHW Sellier Kelly

    I would love something in Bleu Brighton (I think). I thought maybe Kelly, then I changed my mind to Lindy, then back again and back again.I am going round in circles:hysteric:.
    I want something that I can wear with my Jeans, which are always dark denim (more slimming :upsidedown:). But I do know I need the strap option.
    What are your thoughts??
  2. Hi Raz,
    I would go for the Lindy! You already have a kelly in hard to find Box, which is great and I think a lindy would round your collection!!x
  3. It's a 50/50 for me between BB and BJ Kelly in 32cm size. Both colors are stunning and would go with so much.
  4. Well, out of those 2 blues, brighton blue is my favourite and I would go for a 32cm retourne style in a different leather, say togo just to have a totally different look to your black Kelly. You already have a fancy Kelly so a more casual looking bag for jeans would complement your family. Brighton blue is great with either hardware but I really love it with gold - like Eliselady's Birkin. Have a look at Vache Liegee in Indigo too - it's a wonderful shade of blue - like pbabycakes' new Birkin. I would order a canvas strap too so you can wear the Kelly, messenger style. I love Lindy's but they don't love me - we compete on hips, lol.
  5. Raz, I'm thorn between BB Lindy and 32 Kelly: Lindy would round up your collection quite well but if you chose BB 32 Kelly Retourne it would be just as wise choice (IMO~). These both bags will go beautifully with your jeans:tup:
    As for the color it's BB all the way for me. It is magnificent and "smart" Hermes color:yes:
    Good luck with your decision!
  6. I'd definately go for the kelly 32, blue brighton!
  7. Thanks Sammyjoe and H_Addict.
    I have recently developed a love for the Lindy, but have always loved Kelys.
    Its hard to make a choice!!
    AAN. LOL, I have slim hips, so I think the Lindy would be fine. My bust, well thats another matter!!! Scares me that a messenger strap would get lost in my cleavage :p .
  8. blue brighton is truly a gorgy color but i find it a fun casual look like blue jean without the special pop of the white stitching..............i love the white stitching against the blue jean with silver hardware so stunning...........
  9. Sorry, at this very moment, I have been dreaming about getting a lindy! My DH once AGAIN brought up that it is a "very cool" bag this very weekend! BTW, brighton blue is a GORGEOUS color! That, and since you already have the iconic box kelly, you should expand on your H styles!
  10. actually the lindy is so much more useful than the kelly for an everyday bag............not that the kelly isnt always perfect but for a really easy bag the Lindy does seem perfect. Rockerchic has a TDF Lindy in BB but for a kelly i would prefer the Blue Jean
  11. I think you are a Lindy person - or you are not. Have you tried Lindy 30s or 34s on? I wanted to like the Lindy *for me* (they are such practical, contemporary bags), but it just didn't really work as anything but a handbag, and the shape on my arm was not quite what I was looking for.
  12. ^^ and if you HAVE tried the Lindy, and it does work for/on you, I would vote LINDY!
  13. OH OMG!!! I just dont know, thanks everyone!!! I am changing my mind each time I read sometimes post. :hysteric::hysteric::hysteric:
  14. I would love to own a BB that'll be my choice.
  15. I am getting more and more into the Lindy myself!

    Kelly is my first love; I do and always will adore her, but if you find yourself drawn to a Lindy and you already have a Kelly, I say go Lindy and never look back!

    I would try them on at the store if there is any chance you can. The sizes are somewhat comparable but the shoulder drop is not.

    Good Luck!