last day to vote in the design contest (1/29)

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  1. Tomorrow, we learn which two bags will have prototypes created.

    I am debating which leathers for an Emilia some day. Thinking this morning about black and bronze braiding with a bronze body. Not sure.
  2. Thanks for posting the reminder! I'd send it to ppl I know to vote, but honestly, I don't know anyone that likes bags like I do!
  3. Me either, except you all :smile:. I did finally email family just now.
  4. oh good, your family should know of your design fame!!! Good luck to you and nbl!!!!!
  5. Hi all!
    I am now in Bologna ( Italy) I have come to visit my husband, so now I cant connect myself so much time. In few hours we will know the two choose designs!!!!
    The pity is that I wont have computer acces until the nigth, so I will be all day so excited!
    NoCUTE I think about the Trudy in ligth cognac. wont it be so marvellous to be the two of us shorlisted? In this way I think I could try to buy my prototype in tinted blue AND the trudy in gorgeous ligth cognac when it comes to production! YaY!
    well I must go, bologna is waiting for me... I`ll try to keep myself away of those gorgeous italian bags!
  6. Have a fabulous time in Italy, newbaglover!
  7. ooh, sounds like another gorgeous Furla, newbaglover???? oh, and have fun visiting your husband, too!
  8. ^ lol Euridice... mention a new bag first then time w/ her DH! Thanks for the laugh!
  9. hee hee!