LAST day to Sign up for Fall RAOK..>Don't Miss Out...PM Now...

  1. My very last is the last day to get into the Fall RAOK!!!! Don't miss's gonna be a blast!!!!
  2. How many people signed up?
  3. I think it was 30 the last time I looked on elfster.
  4. Yes, we have right around 30 people so far (I have a couple to add just now!) LV one ended up with about 37 this we're doing too bad!
  5. Wish I could join! Sounds like so much fun! Sadly, I can't commit as I'm due to give birth any day now ... (believe me, the sooner the better too! Yikes!).

    Next time, maybe (and next time I might have a better chance of being approved, too, anyway).
  6. Good luck qwerty!!!! What a happy time for you!!!!

    Only a few hours left to get signed up! I'm heading off to bed right away...but will respond to any PMs in the morning! We now have well over 30 people :smile:

    This is going to be a great RAOK!