LAST Day to Sign up for Fall RAOK..>Don't Miss Out...PM Now...

  1. This is it folks...the last day to sign up!!!!!! Hurry hurry....
  2. what's the number stand at twiggers?
  3. I saw 35 confirmed and 1 person who hasn't accepted the elfster thing. So 36?
  4. We are currently at 36! Less than the summer one (which started with 67)...but that is understandable since a lot of people get busy once school starts back up!
  5. Aww i really want to do this RAOK! since i had such a good time with the last one , but i'm trying to save for Leeds and Christmas RAOK! So have fun everyone!

    And Twiggers, Hows your Balenciaga addiction going?? :nuts:
  6. Awww Kaiie...I totally understand girl!!!! And my addiction is growing HEEHEE Another one came in today ;)
  7. Um... still thinking about it. I had lots of fun in the last one but I'll be away for a week this time so I guess I can't. Have fun guys!
  8. Awww java....the vacation thing is only for over one week per month!!! So you can still join in!!!! We'd love to have ya :smile:
  9. i can't wait to get this one started! i went a lil crazy doing my wishlist yesterday. >_< haha.
  10. ^ I did the same thing... my wishlist has pretty much everything I could want and like including shirt sizes and stuff lol