Last Day for Macy's Secret Sale 20% off


    Secret Sale valid Tuesday, March 13 through Thursday, March 15; except as noted. Sale applies to Macy's stores in IL (excluding Chicago area, Rockford), IN (excluding Merrillville), KS, KY (Owensboro), MO, NY (Binghamton, Horseheads), OH (excluding Toledo), PA (excluding Allentown, Harrisburg, Philadelphia area, York) & WV.'

  2. Not fair! :sad:
  3. Thanks a bunch!! I'm planning to get a pair of shoes I've always wanted..
  4. u can always go online and still get 20% off when u use your macy's card..
  5. I thought that this sale also included a get $10 for every $50 you spend. Did anyone esle get this?:yes:
  6. yea there's $10 off $50 and there's a $25 off $100 purchase around. i got in the mail. but need to use macy card and expires 4/30. so there's still time.

    i wanted to post this 20%off coupon yesterday but wasn't sure if legit coz haven't heard anyone mention it. i went to macy's yesterday and bought a pair of fendi sunglasses 20% off w/ this print out :yahoo:and i didn't need macy's card. so it's good!!!
  7. too bad I don't live in those states! :sad: Have fun shopping!
  8. thank you