"last coach bag...ever?!"

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  1. Hi all...
    So, I have been told:nono: by DH:heart: that this last purchase would be my last Coach "ever!".:lolots::wtf: :crybaby: I was told this after a good Coach boutique and outlet run. I'm into next years holidays. I sure got carried away:girlsigh:, bit by the Coach bug! I can't complain, I'm quite happy with the bags. Need $$ to paint the house:okay:

    It all started back in September (hmm...around the same time I got active on the:devil: forum??!!!)..and it all ends with this lovely from the outlet, which I had wanted for pce, but was too much.

    -metallic textured large leather Audrey

    -Amanda leopard sequin clutch, one of things I have to return.. (had it once before for pce, returned it for Kristin, found it again on sale at macys) haven't seen it revealed here...so here it is before she goes back...
    iphone photos:

    Attached Files:

  2. Wow, love that bag more so with the Legacy stripes....Gorgeous...:nuts:
  3. OMG, I love the textured Audrey! It is simply gorgeous! And the Sequined Clutch!! You have to take her back? That's so sad, it is really beautiful!
  4. OMG...I love the Amanda!!! BLING BLING!!!! So sorry you are taking that cutie back. But your Audrey is quite nice also! Congrats~!
  5. wow... love the amanda ... looks great.
  6. Wow...love the clutch!!

    I saw the Audrey in person, she is stunning...but I never opened her, I never saw the lining...now I'm :drool: all over my keyboard!! It's beautiful, so so pretty!!
  7. i love that clutch
  8. Thanks so much!!! One can always count on couchies to reasure another coachie:smile:
    the first one I held at the outlet didn't have a bullseye, I left without it. The next day I called back to put it on hold. I still wasn't sure if I'd keep it after the fuss. I eventually started messing with the bullseye today. Hair drying, rubbing...it wore a little of the gold away, now it's a matte circle, not reflecting it's gold color. So, I sabotaged it! It has to stay! I just glued a cute rhinestone flower on it from a Bobby pin long ago. :smile: hope it stays.
  9. Does the bullseye really bother you that much?

    For me, if it has a bullseye it's no big deal...I'd prefer one without, and given the choice I'd take the one without...but it doesn't matter a whole heck of a lot.
  10. I remember being at the boutique checking it out, when I unziped it, it was all over. Funny how a lining can be the silver lining!

    Ps. I love your chihuahua! Especially the color. What a face.
    I've got a long hair one, soooo devious compared to my other 3 non chihuahuas.
  11. Funny thing, it didn't until I remembered the one I held didn't have one. Then I got curious if I could fade it out. Well, stupid me, kinda like getting ink out. Just got worse.
  12. ^^You have four?! I die!!! I only have three :roflmfao:
  13. In time you'll forget about it...I barely ever notice the creed!!! I really love the bag!!! I'm swooning over the clutch here! Does it have to go back? Make you could break into 2012 just to keep her???
  14. Heh...last dog 'ever' too! Ha! Maybe I have devious chihuahua tendencies.
    I have 2 much older ones (15,13?) needed to liven things up.
  15. OH dang I friken love the clutch I would die if I had to return it... your bag is beautiful too