Last ??? Chanel or LV

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  1. I found a Chanel Grand Shopper would you get that or the LV Neverfull. I am so fickled LOL. MInd you I am an LV girl all the way, but have wanted a chanel for so long!!
  2. Neverfull, I have it in MM and I love it. It's so light, soft and fits a ton.
  3. I also have a Neverfull MM and totally agree with MatAllston. Get the Neverfull :tup:
  4. I guess I am biased.... I LOVE the lining of the Neverfull and the D-ring inside, I am totally spoiled for other brands. Go LV!!
  5. Seeing as you're posting in the LV forum, you will no doubt get more votes for LV. I think you should go for whichever one makes your heart skip a beat. In the end, you'll know which one feels right for you. Good luck with your decision.
  6. ^I agree, there is likely going to be some bias in here! LOL!

    I love the Neverfull, may get one eventually, but I'd choose Chanel in this case.

    Have you tried them both on? They're so different. . . .
  7. I agree with Swanky Mama....The GST is a great bag. I used it all winter long (as my black bag) but I too am an LV girl at heart!!
  8. in this case, I think I'd choose the GST!
  9. if i could afford a gst i would get it! i have the pst and love it!
  10. I'd go for the GST in this case. The neverfull has become too popular and feels like the new IT mono bag. I like classics so even though I see mono speedy all the time it doesn't bother me the same as now seeing neverfull at every turn. GST is my favorite chanel style also, what color are you thinking about?
  11. Chanel, Chanel, Chanel.
  12. It depends on where you will use it more.. I use my Neverfull for school and casually, but I'm also going to get the GST next since it's just such a nice bag, and a little more professional looking ! :yes:
  13. I will use it for everything pretty much. And I want it in black with silver hardware. Love them both, but Chanel is classic.
  14. lv!!
  15. LV .... :biggrin: