Last Chance To Help Me Decide :)

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  1. LOL believe it or not I still cant decide between the two purse.. the Holiday patchwork Gallery totoe or the .. Studded gallery tote in black!! HELP lol:confused1::confused1::confused1::confused1: I LIKE THEM BOTH THE SAMEE!!!


  2. I like the Studded Gallery tote better....that one gets my vote!!!!!
  3. These are really 2 totally different bags! It depends what look u r going for. Preppy or a little bit edgy?? I like the studded tote.
  4. I really like the patchwork tote!! The colors are so vibrant! Of course you could always get the gallery tote and then the patchwork of both worlds!!
  5. Very unusual for me but I like to patchwork better. Maybe cause black is just so common.....they are both very cute though.
  6. I vote for the Studded Tote in black.
  7. Ooh, I like them both, but if you want a really contemporary look, go w/ the studded. If you want a sort of timeless look, go patchwork. and there are some girls here that are really good with what bags go with what season, so they'll be the biggest help. =]
  8. My vote is for the black studded. I just love that its so edgy!!
  9. My vote is for the black studded tote. Very glam but a little on the wild side!!!!:rochard:
  10. Studded definitely! No offense but patchwork is hideous to me.
  11. lol I was also told that the straps on the patchwork are a little small as well!
  12. I like them both as well, but I would choose the black studded tote. The patchwork reminds me of Christmas, which is fine right now, but by January I think I'd be over it already.
  13. BLACKBLACK BLACK please.
  14. Go for the black studded. You would get more use out of it because of its color.
  15. The patchwork is cute but I really like the studded tote best.